Silverbullet Data Services Group: Propelling Smart Data-driven Marketing

Simon Theakston, Co-founder and SVP Partnerships & Dale Archer, Global Adobe Partnership Manager
Digital marketing endeavors are overpowering the traditional marketing channels, owing to the ease with which businesses can directly interact with their targeted audience, in real-time. The proper implementation and management of a data-driven marketing campaign help marketers to go beyond measuring bounce rates and cost-per-clicks to ensuring personalized experience for end-consumers. To provide this level of personalization, there is a need for purpose-built tools, skills, and expertise to derive actionable insights from the volumes of the available consumer data and create/ execute high-performance marketing campaigns accordingly.

Successfully addressing these challenges is the Silverbullet Data Services Group (Silverbullet). This collective of innovative businesses was founded on the expertise and knowledge to provide next-gen, data-smart marketing services, encouraging a consumer-centric approach to modern-day marketing. The proficient team of Silverbullet supports clients with both the services around data analysis and management, integration of technology, and development of a well-built strategy, as well as a tool-kit of activation and measurement products. “We continually work to optimize our clients’ data and help implement and manage their marketing platforms to ultimately generate improved ROI,” states Simon Theakston, the Co-founder and SVP Partnerships at the Silverbullet Group.

With every engagement, Silverbullet’s data-as-a-service team runs data assessments to understand the clients’ business objectives, data collection process, data storage facilities, and future opportunities. The company then formulates an appropriate marketing strategy that aligns with the client’s timelines, goals, and integrations. After this, it builds all the required integrations to ensure a seamless flow of data (in and out of clients’ platforms) to their activation partners.

Silverbullet also offers in-house programmatic services to ensure that clients can drive the utmost benefit from their marketing campaigns via various activation methods. These activation methodologies are infused with in-depth analytics, an amalgamation of deep data knowledge, and machine learning (ML). Utilizing these data-driven methods, Silverbullet can easily generate the data to flow back to the clients’ data pipelines and facilitate data monetization for them. Additionally, Silverbullet also conducts training sessions and workshops for clients to help them build their business use case internally and enable the reduction of the sales cycle timeframe, by at least a couple of months. What makes Silverbullet’s offering even more relevant is its measurement tool, Quadrant, which allows clients to get complete visibility about the ROI generated from the management platforms they have deployed.

We continually work to optimize our clients’ data and help implement and manage their marketing platforms to ultimately generate improved ROI

Furthermore, the group helps create contextual or targeted advertising, based on the content the end-users are browsing, which enables dimensional targeting according to brand suitability. Viewing the paradigm shift with regards to government regulation and browser cookie lock-downs, the company built the 4D platform in 2020. This platform is fueled by the latest AI, NLP, and Machine Vision to ensure clients’ advertisements perform better and enable in-the-moment marketing by utilizing several media such as video, audio, and images. The other offerings of Silverbullet Group are Platform 360 and BeetleDesk that enable clients to continue ongoing communication while staying connected via a virtual marketplace.

Silverbullet’s competitive edge in the marketplace today is its established data management platform (DMP) partnership with Adobe. The company is soon to be a silver partner with Adobe after having completed all requirements to be recognized as an Adobe Audience Manager Specialist. This partnership with Adobe allows the company to have a wealth of expertise and knowledge from helping clients deploy and manage Adobe Audience Manager. Once this platform is configured, Adobe’s team of data strategists and the experts at Silverbullet help create well-aligned data strategies to generate maximum ROI while managing the data management platform regularly. This is clearly evident from an instance where one of Silverbullet’s clients saw an uplift of almost 50 percent in customer re-activation using its strategies and measurement methods on the Adobe DMP. “Adobe is one of the best technology vendors within the industry, and being an Adobe partner has enhanced our respect among large stellar clients,” adds Dale Archer, the Global Adobe Partnership Manager, Silverbullet Group.

With the combined experience of over 60 years and proven success in deploying and managing data platforms, the Silverbullet Group is continuously growing with several acquisitions planned for the future. Having offices in London, Milan, Neiman, and Melbourne, the company is now looking to branch out globally. Along with its data-driven ROI measurement platform, Silverbullet Group will also be releasing a cookie list product that allows for personalization of ads around the content of a particular page, thus enabling clients to view their target audiences according to the content and generate improved ROI.

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London, England

Simon Theakston, Co-founder and SVP Partnerships & Dale Archer, Global Adobe Partnership Manager

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