ScaleOut Software: Scalability Meets High Availability Computing

Dr. William L. Bain, Founder & CEO
While we now live in the era of big data, businesses also must grapple with torrents of fast-changing data that must be analyzed in real time for immediate and dynamic decision-making—operational intelligence. However, tracking and analyzing real-time data and then combining it with historical data for operational intelligence is not an easy task to accomplish. It requires in-memory computing technology that both transparently scales and is highly available. ScaleOut Software delivers software solutions that seamlessly integrate in-memory data storage with in-memory computing to help companies achieve this feat. Finding its roots in the Microsoft .NET community, ScaleOut Software serves customers in the ecommerce, financial services, healthcare, IoT, and telecommunications sectors, among others—where the requirement for transparent scalability along with high availability is ever present.

ScaleOut StateServer, the core offering from ScaleOut Software, offers an in-memory data grid (IMDG) that spans a cluster of servers, to host millions of serialized data objects in memory. This alleviates pressure from operational systems that typically manage huge workloads of fast-changing data such as web session data, business logic objects, and financial pricing information. ScaleOut ComputeServer combines the IMDG with a powerful, data-parallel compute engine to deliver immediate results for operational intelligence and time-sensitive analysis. ComputeServer allows in-memory computations to run continuously across a fast changing dataset, extracting results with low latency to capture business opportunities and pinpoint operational issues. By integrating in-memory, data-parallel computing with the core StateServer IMDG in ComputeServer, the company enables operational intelligence, empowering the user to analyze data on the fly.

“The ability to integrate in-memory computing directly with in-memory data storage in an easy-to-use, object-oriented, API-driven programming model is one of the key capabilities that differentiate our platform,” explains Dr. William L. Bain, Founder and CEO of ScaleOut Software.
With this, a user experiences best of both worlds—transparent scalability with enhanced computing power and high availability—allowing expedited development and fast execution times for applications. A wide range of features, Bain says, has been incorporated by requests from a number of developers working on ScaleOut’s platform. The platform provides a rich set of portable APIs across multiple ecosystems and a clean separation between its “underneath the floor” orchestration layer and the in-memory, data-parallel applications running on it. This allows the same ScaleOut Software platform to be used across a variety of use cases.

For instance, working in close collaboration with one of their partners, Crossvale from Dallas, ScaleOut Software enabled the development of an IoT application built on top of their in-memory computing and data storage platform. This application tracks real-time telemetry from a large population of elevators and incorporates machine-learning techniques to provide immediate feedback, enabling an elevator company to optimize maintenance schedules and avoid unexpected outages. In another deployment, ScaleOut Software assisted an ecommerce company that was selling perishable goods. With two siloed database systems that separately handled order management and inventory tracking, the client was facing unacceptable delays due to reconciliation of information taking nearly 24 hours. With ScaleOut Software, the client was able to use in-memory computing to reconcile orders and inventory within a matter of minutes, shortening their order processing time and boosting customer satisfaction.

While indispensable for delivering operational intelligence, in-memory computing technology also forms the foundation for stream processing. Looking to the future, ScaleOut Software is poised to offer exciting new in-memory technology for stream processing following the paradigm of the “digital twin,” described by Gartner as one of the major trends for 2017 “We are excited to lead the technology development for creating digital twins now—building in-memory models of live systems and real-world entities with the ability to offer much deeper introspection than previously possible. This has huge implications for applications across multiple verticals, such as industrial IoT, patient monitoring, ecommerce, and much more—all of which we plan to explore,” concludes Bain.

ScaleOut Software

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Dr. William L. Bain, Founder & CEO

Provides integrated in-memory data storage and in-memory computing solutions to customers who track and analyze live, fast-changing data

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