Screendragon: Making the Complex Simple

Jan Quant, Co-founder & CEO
If there is one business function experiencing more change and disruption than any other at present, it’s marketing. Marketing departments are having to adapt at breakneck speed to fast changing customer behaviours in a constantly evolving media and business landscape. If this wasn’t challenging enough, marketers are now being asked to ‘achieve more with less’. So, marketing behemoths like P&G and Unilever, who previously relied on tried and trusted marketing playbooks, are now having to re-write their modus operandi.

Helping marketers achieve more with less

Screendragon, a leading provider of marketing operations software, has lived through these industry changes first hand. Through close collaboration with marketing giants such as P&G, Kellogg, Kimberly-Clark and BP they have been at the forefront of the disruption taking place. The insights captured at the frontline inspired them to create a new breed of marketing operations software.

Screendragon’s MarketingOS is an answer to the disconnection in marketing and its extended community of stakeholders. All too often one team doesn’t know what the other is doing resulting in conflicting campaigns, costing hundreds of thousands.

“In our experience many marketing teams were relying on the old standbys of Excel spreadsheets, email trails, and share drives; leading to frequent duplication of work and information scatter,” says Jan Quant, Co-founder and CEO of Screendragon.

MarketingOS connects all the previously disparate projects, processes and people in one integrated environment. It templatizes your way of working so that everyone understands the process and knows what data they need and who to involve at the right moment. It has introduced smart workflows into marketing. Inspired by ‘just in time’ and lean methodologies perfected at Toyota and GE, Screendragon is empowering marketing organizations with techniques to cut waste—both time and costs.
For example, at one global CPG, workflow automation has now replaced half of the face-to-face weekly advertising review meetings.

Screendragon’s philosophy is in driving efficiencies in human-centric processes and garnering profitability for brands and agencies

Managing new collaboration ecosystems

In addition to coping with new levels of disruption, many marketing departments are now facing restructuring. New models are being invented continuously. Some companies are setting up in-house agencies, internalizing creative work that was previously out-sourced. Virgin Atlantic, a Screendragon client is a case point. They have recently made the successful transition to an in-house agency in an effort to improve speed-to-market, customer satisfaction and to increase net revenue. Also, McDonald’s in the U.S set-up a new dedicated agency organization in partnership with Omnicom, creating a much closer, transparent relationship between vendor and customer.

Screendragon has performed pioneering work to enable organizations like these to ‘wire’ their new operations with process automation allowing them to work seamlessly across different firewalls with different permission levels across partners.

“Screendragon’s philosophy is in driving efficiencies in human-centric processes and garnering profitability for brands and agencies,” affirms Quant.

Focused on expanding its scope to develop innovative methodologies, Screendragon is well-positioned to encourage customers to work in an integrated fashion with its best-in-class cloud-based software that connects different brands and their multiple agencies.


Jan Quant, Co-founder & CEO and John Briggs, Co-founder & CTO, Fergus Ashe, VP

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