Scribe: Medical Documentation Made Easy

Mark D. Boyce, President & CEO
According to Mark D. Boyce, President and CEO, Scribe, “The key to efficiently collecting and analyzing data in healthcare is all about getting it right the first time.” This is precisely why Boyce and his team have designed a cloud-enabled platform capable of assisting physicians in capturing, creating, and managing appropriate healthcare information—right from the first time a patient visits a doctor. “We believe that the healthcare providers need to focus on their patients and medical care, and not on the paperwork and medical documentation,” delineates Boyce. “When a doctor tends to a patient, that is when the rubber meets the road. If the first job—collecting information— is not performed properly, the rest of the healthcare never works.” Scribe’s team works closely with practitioners, regulators, technologists, and healthcare industry experts to design a customer-centric application that provides flexibility, control, and increased physician productivity.

In the era of big data and increasing demand of ubiquitous mobility, Boyce states that healthcare organizations want the medical information of patients at their fingertips. However, most of the companies are still mired in a muddle of traditional technologies that fail to realize the unbridled potential of big data in the healthcare industry. In this scenario, physicians are encumbered with data entries of health records, insurance claims, and payments that hamper their productivity. “The Electronic Health Records (EHR) used for these data entries today are glorified accounting systems that fail to improve workflow, productivity, data management, and collaboration,” states Boyce. Addressing this issue, Scribe designed a mobile platform—Scribe Mobile—a complete clinical documentation platform that simplifies back-office processes and provides the capability to capture and create medical documentation as well as medical coding and billing. The cloud-based platform allows access to clinical documentation from anywhere, anytime, through any device, to assist physicians to collaborate efficiently and document detailed patient information.

The physician-centric Scribe Mobile platform also saves time for physicians as it does not require multiple logins for different EHRs.

The key to efficiently collecting and analyzing data in healthcare is all about getting it right the first time

For example, if a doctor is working for multiple surgery centers and hospitals, Scribe’s platform consolidates all the schedules into one screen, along with patients’ medical history.

The strength of Scribe Mobile lies in capturing clinical information in the form of audios, images, and even videos to ensure customers have access to accurate information. The patient documentation is broken down into discrete coding information, reviewed, and approved by physicians and then mapped to an EHR or medical system. This allows healthcare organizations access to old information without having to involve the physicians and doctors, thus saving both time and expenditure.

In a relentless pursuit to meet the challenges of informed and efficient patient care, Scribe empowers physicians with unprecedented freedom to focus on patient care. In one instance, Scribe’s documentation workflow and revenue cycle management experts assisted a client grappling with challenges like physician productivity, quality of service, and decreased revenue by re-factoring their back-office processes. Scribe’s solution resulted in a 30 to 40 percent improvement in productivity of the physicians, 20 to 25 percent progress in collecting appropriate and detailed patient information, and also dramatically enhanced their quality of service.

Scribe’s innovative technology and industrial expertise has fostered a culture where the team passionately develops creative, nimble, and productive solutions for healthcare. In the days to come, the firm will foray deeper into the space of delivering efficient healthcare by launching new products around collaboration, data analytics, and revenue cycle management.


Naples, FL

Mark D. Boyce, President & CEO

Provides a complete clinical documentation platform for capturing and analyzing patient information