Secure Exchange Solutions: Bending Healthcare’s Cost Curve With Ai

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Dan Kazzaz, CEO
The value-based care model makes access to complete clinical information critical to both payers and providers, and requires a thorough understanding of payer and clinical guidelines. Evaluating clinical orders in real time delivers cost-effective treatments and improves patient care. Improving the quality of patient care while controlling costs is an enduring challenge. Secure Exchange Solutions (SES) is proving both can be done, by combining secure messaging and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to increase the speed and accuracy of real-time decision support.

SES provides interoperable, secure, cloud-based clinical exchange technology for peer-to-peer messaging. SES uses Direct transport to maximize connectivity and reduce risk while transmitting clinical data. Direct is widely used for provider-to-provider communications. SES leverages this widespread adoption to improve payer-to-provider exchanges, resulting in reduced implementation costs, lower technology and financial risks, greater data accuracy, and accelerated data exchange across disparate systems.

The company’s newest application relies on AI to ingest clinical policy and procedure guidelines and query medical records. The appropriate utilization and/or approval of treatments is identified by automating the discovery and analysis of critical insights. This revolutionary approach makes it possible for both the provider and the payer to evaluate documentation in near real time and is easily embedded in their respective workflows.

“Healthcare demands the latest technologies for transforming care delivery, but the complexity of reviewing and sharing sensitive clinical information requires a marriage of sophisticated techniques and industry standards, otherwise the cost of implementation is too high,” says Dan Kazzaz, CEO, SES.

Vibra Healthcare, a leading specialty acute care and medical rehabilitation hospital, is one example of SES clinical data sharing in action. Vibra’s team of highly trained clinicians specialize in rehabilitating patients suffering from strokes, multiple traumas, major orthopedic, neurologic, cardiac, and respiratory conditions. The challenge: accelerate clinical data exchange across Vibra’s 18-state nationwide network of 38 specialty hospitals, transitional care units/facilities and hospital-based outpatient physical therapy locations.
The solution: implement SES to improve the coordination of acute care delivery, integrate care pathways, care management and transitions of care by speeding up the secure exchange of clinical information between Vibra’s facilities and external providers. Vibra’s rapidly growing network of specialty care providers are currently delivering enhanced patient follow-up and improved patient outcomes using SES. The next step is to integrate AI technology to resolve the tedious, labor-intensive processes associated with manual chart reviews. To learn more about information exchange and the great work being done at Vibra Healthcare, contact William Myers, Director, Health Information Exchange. (BMyers@ or 717.610.1092).

“Vibra is realizing the advantages of integrating our solutions into their processes,” says Kazzaz. “They’re dealing with complex care issues across a large network that requires a coordinated and integrated approach to acute care delivery.”

Vibra is but one of many providers experiencing the benefits of SES software. SES is advancing patient-centered care across many of the largest healthcare ecosystems. SES customers include major health plans, 1,500 hospitals, and 325,000 providers. SES is connected with 2 million trust community participants, and over 60 million patients. “Thousands of providers leverage our service to exchange critical information. Secure clinical data exchange and real-time decision support improves care, quality, cost and performance,” says Kazzaz. “Providers and payers adopting our AI solution realize immediate operational efficiencies and an enhanced clinical data exchange and decision-making process – resulting in better quality care and reduced risk exposure,” adds Kazzaz.

By embracing technology and industry standards, SES is transforming healthcare information exchange and improving quality of care delivery. Providers and payers experience improved patient care, optimized care transitions, faster provider-plan exchange, reduced reliance on costly services, safeguarded data and improved revenue cycle management. “We’re committed to reimagining clinical information exchange to deliver improved patient experiences and a more effective data exchange process across the healthcare continuum,” says Kazzaz.

Secure Exchange Solutions

Rockville, MD

Dan Kazzaz, CEO

Secure Exchange Solutions maintains its standards for seamless, scalable, secured connectivity across organizational boundaries. As an industry-leading health information technology provider, the company protects, streamlines, and delivers sensitive and critical health care information while ensuring compliance and improving efficiency and quality. Hospitals, health systems, physicians, health plans, and channel partners rely on Secure Exchange Solutions for secure integrated communications that expand their reach and empower them to improve patient care. Their products accelerate healthcare communications, enhance the quality of care, optimize care transitions, speed up payments, and reduce reliance on costly fax, courier, and express mail services