Seismic: Broadening UC Framework into Business Processes

Greg Walsh, Founder & CEO & Phani Karra, Co-Founder & COO
Having spent more than two decades successfully navigating the outsourced services industry, acquiring exceptional depth of operational knowledge in Avaya, ERP, CRM and Knowledge Management, Greg Walsh founded Seismic based on this domain expertise, with an emphasis on those who manufacture, distribute and add specialized value to Unified Communications (UC) environments.

“Service providers are being pushed to offer more services at a very high standard of quality, at lower cost, in a more complex and rapidly changing environment. We realize that our clients are faced with a host of issues; like access to qualified talent, managing the supply and demand cycle of projects, and balancing the cost of investing in new technologies and enhancing their current delivery capabilities. The challenges are many, including seamlessly managing round the clock service operations, maintaining outstanding service delivery while providing their clients with superior cost optimization, this is where Seismic comes into the picture,” says Walsh.

Seismic’s core proficiencies include Avaya, Nortel, Cisco and Skype for Business; the company has developed additional capabilities in solutions spanning Security products and Service Now that capitalize on its flexible sourcing model and the proven processes that have been refined over the years. “The emphasis is on improving the end-client’s outcomes, propelling the channel organization’s competitive position and extending economic benefits,” remarks Phani Karra, Co- Founder and COO, Seismic.

The company’s consultative approach finds wide adoption across many different use cases. For instance, Seismic was brought in to find cost savings and service level improvements for a global enterprise Avaya Infrastructure. The client was working with a service provider that took care of the maintenance entitlements as well as their onsite delivery team. They wanted to know how much it was spending vs. the value that it was receiving.

We want to stay focused on services to the Channel, because it’s in our DNA

Seismic came in and found out that the capacity they had procured for maintenance was 50 percent over subscribed and made recommendations to improve the service profile. The client was able to save 50 percent on its annual maintenance agreement, while moving to a 24 x 7 Service Desk, improving service levels and reducing costs.

To ensure seamless and effective service delivery, Seismic’s quality assurance programs are integrated in every service that is delivered including voice recording, business process and technical compliance reviews. “It’s really a full lifecycle view of the effectiveness of what we deliver, not purely cost savings, but also the client facing outcomes that are up to the world class enterprise standard outcomes,” adds Karra. “We are industry experts, and are aware of the best practices that are necessary to maintain and manage these UC environments. We are really seeking to become a remote office extension of our client teams, more of a partner then a vendor,” says Walsh.

Seismic is poised to rapidly expand its delivery capacity. Seismic has implemented a center of excellence that trains recent technical graduates providing Seismic with access to a large employee base with real world hands-on skills in the UC space. Leveraging this foundation, Seismic has expanded upon its Unified Communications service framework into Service Now and Security practices. “We want to stay focused on providing value to Service Providers across all of our technology segments because it’s in our DNA, we have walked in their shoes and we do not compete for the End User, Seismic is the enabler of more efficient and effective solutions for the industry,” concludes Walsh.


Edison, NJ

Greg Walsh, Founder & CEO & Phani Karra, Co-Founder & COO

A facilitator in fulfilling complex business requirements for the manufacturers, distributors and VAR’s of technology products and services