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Christian Miller, Business Development, Operations
The payment and card industry is witnessing constant technological innovation, propelling businesses to be on their toes at all times. While mobility has already become a part of the DNA for most modern payment systems, the next chapter in the payments landscape is leveraging transactional data for greater business development. As a merchant solutions company with more than 20,000 clients and many reputable payment processors and equipment manufacturers as partners, Sekure Merchant Solutions helps businesses make the most of their technology investments. With a rich history in adopting newer technologies to improve its core competencies, Sekure Merchant Solutions assists SMBs in getting deeper insights into transactional data while streamlining payment processing.

Sekure utilizes transactional data and MyBizPerks Insights, an analytics platform powered by the technology company, Womply, to enhance clients’ SEO strategies, online reputation management, and much more. Christian Miller, Business Development, Operations at Sekure Merchant Solutions, explains, “Merchants can figure out specific demographics that have a high percentage of customers, through their credit card details, which in turn helps them create targeted mailing campaigns in those areas. SMBs can also use transactional data to understand customers’ purchase behaviors better and build effective customer engagement strategies accordingly.” Available in the form of modules, MyBizPerks Insights allows merchants to start small, with a single module, initially, and scale later with growing business demands.

To further improve the way merchants connect to Sekure and their merchant account, the company is developing a merchant portal that centralizes all the features and functionalities needed to solve their business challenges. “With this portal, clients will be able to check their transactions, get information about the latest technology developments and new offerings, while being able to interact with Sekure’s service teams through a chat module,” informs Miller. On their client’s behalf, Sekure will also be able to collaborate with the cash advance team and processing partners, on an ad hoc basis, through the portal.
Over the last decade, Sekure has grown from strength to strength by upgrading its technology to boost its sales and services department. Unlike other payment processors that take a day’s time to provide payment-related alerts, Sekure’s technology infrastructure is designed to deliver email-based payment-related alerts which are sent to the clients, thus creating a robust real-time environment that allows them to take actionable decisions about any payment made in their system. Through e-signatures, the company helps sales teams focus better on enabling clients with innovative technology systems.

Merchants can figure out specific demographics that have a high percentage of customers and create targeted mailing campaigns in those areas

Miller says that they are battle-ready to tackle the opportunities brought in by the latest payment technology implements. For instance, one of its long-term customers that had an integrated POS system ran into a bottleneck when their POS provider, MasterCard planned to update its system to accommodate the new range of bank identification numbers (BIN). For Sekure’s client, this upgrade meant an imminent need to brace additional cost. However, once Sekure was approached to deal with the issue, they quickly found a more reliable payment processing partner and a third-party POS reseller, whose system was aligned to MasterCard’s new requirements, translating into significant cost-savings and elimination of complexity.

With an efficient workforce, Sekure continues to create more such success stories. Also, “Sekure believes in educating its relationship managers— service representatives—about the recent technology developments, helping clients to stay at the leading-edge of the technology developments,” Miller adds. To further enhance the impact of their solutions on their customer base, Miller says that they are continuously investing in technology to satisfy the future expectations of merchants for faster and more secure payment processing.

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Christian Miller, Business Development, Operations

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