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Samir Gulati, CMO
In this digital age, consumers expect the same instant, digital interactions with service providers as they experience with their connected devices and social networks.

To rise to that level of expectation, service providers must outfit themselves with technology which improves their customers’ experience from the initial request to service delivery and then to post service.

Field service management technology, when built upon a foundation of artificial intelligence, can be used by field service providers operating very complex or high-volume businesses to enable both employed and contracted employees to deliver the best service experience from entitlement to post event value added services.

Field service management technology like ServicePower’s can automate and intelligently manage the numerous complex variables that when not managed with AI, can create opportunities for miscommunications, delays, and incomplete service delivery. ServicePower’s field service management technology enables those same organizations to deliver faster, smarter service, on a unified platform of technology which caters primarily to the consumer industry in a business-to-business-to-consumer model, enabling both employed and contracted field personnel to improve each end-customers’ experience while continuing to improve overall operations, and capturing new revenues. Samir Gulati, CMO of ServicePower, highlights that the current field service management challenges have moved beyond the traditional realms of ensuring a technician’s prompt on-site response, greater efficiency, and better utilization of resources. While operational efficiencies are still important, today’s FSM solutions should also enable field techs through AI and mobile technology to create a great service experience with while driving greater revenue and maximizing ROI. “Core technologies like ERP and CRM are falling behind in their ability to drive additional profits. This is precisely where we are able to show our distinctiveness in the market,” states Samir. With patented AI-powered schedule optimization, mobile, contractor and warranty management, asset and parts inventory management, contract management and reporting products, ServicePower is revolutionizing the industry with faster, smarter field service management technology that generates better experiences, and improves the lifetime value of each consumer relationship, driving ROI.

ServicePower’s FSM solution is instrumental in supporting both customer experience as well as field service goals for their clients

ServicePower’s uniqueness is further augmented through its robust digital end-consumer engagement solutions. Providing an instant appointment scheduling tool which enables consumers to seamlessly book appointments to employed or contracted workers, ServicePower not only enhances visibility throughout the service lifecycle but gives an added edge to consumers to communicate directly with field technicians and monitor their progress. “This also takes away many other pain points of call centers both in terms of ensuring service efficiency as well as reducing the number of negative customer interactions,” explains Marne Martin, CEO of ServicePower.

Besides, with ServicePower’s AI engine, “field service organizations can truly optimize their customer’s service experience,” she adds. While most other companies use the term “optimization” only to refer to schedule automation, Samir emphasizes that optimization in its true sense only happens when automation is used along with AI, building a multi-factorial solution that revamps the service delivery experience, while meeting service level agreements, and revenue and cost goals.

Throughout McLean, Virginia based ServicePower’s 20-year history, the company has helped brands transform their field service operations through state-of-the-art, digital, customer-friendly products and services. Of late, the company has been intently driving its efforts in the last-mile area. “We see an emerging market in last-mile service, that is intelligently derived post service product and services offers that help our customers increase their market share and grow their business,” says Marne. Moving ahead, ServicePower is confident that their AI-driven, end-consumer focused approach will make their FSM software a trailblazer in the B2B2C field service arena.


McLean, VA

Samir Gulati, CMO

Provides an exceptional customer experience, while delivering significant operational efficiencies

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