ShadowDragon: Threat Intelligence Tools Developed by Investigators, for Investigators

Dan Clemens, CEO
The quest to nab a mosquito or midge in midair is a rather simple task for the shadow dragonfly—a particular species known to be the world’s most effective hunters—given their stealthy and agile snaring skills. All it takes is to predict the trajectory of its prey, plot a course to intersect it, and then make adjustments to counteract any evasive maneuvers. In what can only be a striking analogy, a firm called ShadowDragon— which its CEO, Dan Clemens also likes to call the “black swan” of the cyber world—is providing tools that enable its clients to have a high success rate in investigating and be effective hunters in the wilds of the internet. “We are helping our clients develop informed tactics with intelligence specific to a business that is sourced internally versus curated externally,” says Clemens. ShadowDragon facilitates independence for investigation teams by augmenting capabilities and simplifying the investigative process, driving faster results, stronger responses, and a proactive security posture.

Besides approaching law enforcement, companies affected by inside or external threats seek alternative options to counter the humans behind security breaches. With most threat intelligence solutions growing out of the web, ShadowDragon’s tools are built by investigators, for investigators, to augment team investigative capabilities in support of physical and cyber cases. “Our solutions have evolved by exploiting breadcrumbs and maximizing nuggets during the investigative process,” explicates Clemens.

Since threat perpetrators use the Internet to run criminal operations, ShadowDragon came up with SocialNet—its first product that aimed at exploring identities, correlations, networks of associates, and other relevant information, within minutes. To top it off, enterprises can use SocialNet along with ‘OIMonitor’ to identify breach leaks, extract information from disparate data sources, analyze the data, and send alerts. With this pairing, ShadowDragon’s clients can benefit from real-time situational awareness by gaining leads of interest and information on potential threats.

ShadowDragon also offers MalNet, a malware prevention product that brings together world- leading Proofpoint threat intelligence that helps businesses identify related malware samples and correlations with signatures.

We are helping our clients develop informed tactics with intelligence specific to a business that is sourced internally versus curated externally

ShadowDragon’s products are best for those who are building their own teams, as they can choose the specific capabilities they need for their investigative workflow and can go for a platform-as-a-service model.

While the nimble and proactive software products are provided by ShadowDragon, the company’s extensive threat intelligence expertise and tools are developed by Packet Ninjas— ShadowDragon’s sister company. ShadowDragon has also partnered with DeliverFund—a nonprofit organization with the goal of stopping human traffickers—to support its mission with robust technology and specialized digital tools. DeliverFund’s International Human Trafficking Analysis Center (iHTAC) is a consortium of professional companies that have partnered to create solutions to help DeliverFund disrupt the modern slave trade and to serve as the central connection and dissemination platform for human trafficking intelligence. As a partner of iHATC, ShadowDragon is dedicated to arming investigators with solutions to track and hunt in the physical as well as cyberdomain and they continue to provide support to DeliverFund as part of their ongoing commitment to make the world a safer place.

The company has plans to release more functionally rich applications this year, some of which include skunk works tools that intend to make reporting easier. More particularly, ShadowDragon’s upcoming Screenshot-as-a Service will enable all ShadowDragon cybersecurity tools to interact through third party open APIs as well as help in integrating OIMonitor capabilities.


Cheyenne, WY

Dan Clemens, CEO

Develops digital tools to simplify the complexities of modern investigations that involve multiple online environments and technologies