Sheer Logistics: Leveraging Transportation Management with Technology

Joe Egertson, CEO
By adapting to the changes brought about by digitalization, the transportation and logistics industry stands to gain opportunities that can help them in opening up their businesses to newer markets. “For many years now, this industry has lagged behind in terms of technology. It needs smart IT software systems that can afford better return on investments and seamless management of shipments,” says Joe Egertson, CEO of Sheer Logistics. Heavily focused on technology, St. Louis headquartered Sheer is a top performing logistics services provider with analytics in its DNA. Its solutions help enterprises to manage their entire logistics operations, from planning, procurement, and execution to managing carrier networks. Their specialized software saves time and resources spent on the manual tracking and tracing of shipments. Sheer takes care of all aspects of the transportation process including network modeling and optimization and freight brokerage.

Like many 3PLs, Sheer too offers traditional transportation services, but what differentiates it in the market is its ability to compile and run analytics on clients’ logistics process data and provide actionable insights that drive tangible benefits, allowing companies to achieve higher return on investments, faster. By utilizing the real-time information gleaned through its solutions, the company helps its clients break down transportation and freight costs and effortlessly manage movements of goods. Its solutions can also keep track of the exact number of materials being loaded in any truck, the capacity of the truck, the required time for shipping, and delivery times. For companies that may be struggling to effectively manage their operations due to complicated supply chains, Sheer can streamline the processes by integrating its solution to client’s existing back-office systems such as SAP.

We shine light on the data that keeps our customers aware of the threats and speed bumps they might encounter, enabling them to stay prepared and be agile in resolving issues,to streamline business processes

With strategic data analytics, Sheer also provides a clear financial landscape to its clients for determining their future business expenses, profits, and probable risks, helping them prepare appropriate action plans. With a series of user-friendly dashboards, Sheer’s software helps supply chain professionals monitor compliance across the entire business. “Financial teams of logistics companies often miss out on forecasting the challenges of their logistics, operations, thus failing to determine the actual costs of the transportation of goods. . We shine light on the data that keeps them aware of the threats and speedbumps they might encounter, enabling them to stay prepared and be agile in resolving issues to streamline business processes,” states Rob Cook, VP of Technology and Solutions at Sheer Logistics.

With its unique integration tools and deep industry knowledge, Sheer helps its clients derive more value from their transportation processes. The company has partnered with leading software providers in the industry to remain nimble in addressing the evolving pain points of its customers and enabling them to carry out hassle-free operations.

Sheer Logistics

Chesterfield, MO

Joe Egertson, CEO and Rob Cook, VP, Technology & Solutions

Sheer combines specialized expertise, advanced technology and powerful analytics to drive cost savings and streamline options. We partner with our clients to predict risks and respond with right-sized action plans