Sigga: SAP-Integrated Mobile Apps for Smart Enterprise Asset Management

Romeu Sciotta, EVP
Founded in 2001, Sigga entered the market as a strategic consulting business, delivering third-party software like IBM Maximo, Oracle, and SAP for enterprise asset management. Sigga’s unparalleled expertise in third-party asset management software support and consulting services has gained real traction in the market. Over the years, the firm has evolved from a consulting business to an industry-leading provider of a robust and user-friendly suite of mobile applications for enterprise clients. “We noticed a lack of effective communication between software and the people in the field,” begins Romeu Sciotta, EVP, Sigga. With business growing bigger and spreading wider, deploying mobile-first field service applications was imperative. In 2005, Sigga rolled out its first SAP mobile application, which helps field workers to perform entirely paperless field inspections. “Since mobile technology has marveled every aspect of human life, post the iPhone era, we decided to transform Sigga to an industry-leading firm that wholly focuses on SAP certified, mobile enterprise applications,” says Sciotta.

Sigga takes pride in providing technician teams with the most complete, versatile, and SAP-centric suite of mobile applications for plant maintenance, from field service to analytics, as well as warehouse and inventory management. “We are the first company outside the US, in Europe, to have an SAP endorsed business solution,” asserts Sciotta. “For two consecutive years, we were the only partner of SAP specializing in building mobile applications that reached 100 percent compliant with SAP product standards and guidelines.”

Sigga’s suite of reliable mobile applications modernizes field service operations and helps field technicians in planning, scheduling, optimizing resources, and completing their work effectively and on time. The firm’s mobile applications also offer plant maintenance technicians anytime, anywhere access to information to be able to successfully manage work orders and jobs safely, thereby enhancing the productivity and efficiency on the field. Since the company is a firm proponent of the power of accurate, transparent, and real-time data when it comes to making informed, timely, and vital decisions, Sigga ensures accurate and timely flow of information through its applications and enables users to investigate comparative data through analytics.

Apart from plant maintenance, organizations also need to keep track of their inventory. Here, it becomes important to efficiently manage the inventories, ensuring that field workers have the right parts available at the right time. Moreover, inventory is not just about timely movement of physical goods from one location to another; it is also about managing the vast amount of information associated with these goods. With Sigga’s mobile applications suite, businesses can overcome major issues in inventory management such as inability to trace missing parts, unnecessary purchase of items, and profit loss.

Perhaps because the company is deeply-rooted in identifying and solving business problems from its early days as a strategic consulting firm, Sigga is a phenomenal innovator.
Instead of confining itself to refining solutions that already exist; the company boldly sets out to pioneer technological solutions to give its clients cutting-edge tools. Sigga goes beyond developing useful mobile applications; the company also develops smart and tangible solutions to bridge the gap between mobile applications and practical utility in a bid to help clients solve inherent challenges. For instance, the company is making waves and setting the standard for SAP-integrated Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), otherwise known as drones. While some form of drone use exists in enterprise asset management, Sigga is the only one in its league currently offering drones that are seamlessly integrated with SAP. Sigga’s drone solution gives its users not only flight control and imaging capture from a drone unit, but also an impressive capability to work directly from the drone through an intuitive and user-friendly interface that automatically syncs data with SAP upon connectivity. The company also leads the pack when it comes to utilization of other SAP-integrated tech tangibles such as beacons, RFIDs, and thermal cameras, aimed at helping warehouse managers, storekeepers, technicians, and field workers precisely identify, record, and execute maintenance orders, repairs, and inspections anytime, anywhere.

We don’t believe in creating a client-vendor type of relationship, instead, we invest in establishing long-term partnerships where both sides reap magnanimous and continued success

“What differentiates Sigga beyond the innovative technology and the heavy commitment to R&D is how the company engages with every client. We don’t believe in creating a client-vendor type of relationship, instead, we invest in establishing long-term partnerships where both sides reap magnanimous and continued success. As a testament to this, we have clients that have been with us for over 15 years and has helped us disrupt the industry along the way,” explains Sciotta. At this juncture, Sciotta recollects an instance, where a mining company deployed Sigga’s mobile applications and is saving $10 million per year. Today the client has thousands of mobile users leveraging Sigga’s applications, which is aiding them in driving increased productivity, performance and efficiency, and reduced software cost and information gap.

Investing for the Future

From a support point of view, Sigga provides round-the-clock-365 days-a-year or regular support depending on the customer’s requisites. “From a functional perspective, we are not an IT company; we are a company with a DNA in business process improvement, utilizing IT as a tool to empower people. Whenever we develop a new application or a feature, we always keep our clients’ priorities in mind,” says Sciotta. On the R&D side, Sigga invests 150,000 hours every year to release new products and new technologies.


Sugar Land, TX

Romeu Sciotta, EVP

Specializes in providing mobile and user-friendly suite of applications to automate and simplify field service operations