Simplain Software Solutions: Fostering Effective Retail-Vendor Collaborations

Sanjaye Elayattu, Founder & President
In the retail world, it is essential to have an effective and streamlined collaboration between retailers and vendors to improve supply chain efficiencies. However, the traditional collaboration techniques of emails and spreadsheets have proved to be tedious, time-consuming and cause data integrity issues. Simplain solves this issue through its Vendor Portal that is designed to streamline collaboration between retailers and vendors, ensuring data integrity throughout the supply chain. “By streamlining the process, the workload is evenly shared between the vendor and retailer while bringing them on the same page over the portal,” says Sanjaye Elayattu, founder and president of Simplain Software Solutions.

Vendor Portal simplifies the process of item setup and maintenance. Vendor Portal is interoperable with industry standards such as EDI and GS1; making it easier for the retailer and vendor to avoid data integrity issues in the supply chain. In addition, vendor portal also allows the vendor to communicate cost changes, introduce promotions and monitor their Purchase Orders and Invoices. Retailers can also share Key Performance Indicators with vendors to enable them to get richer insights about how their products and services are preforming. Vendor portal is typically purchased by the retailer connected to their back-end retail management systems such as Symphony GOLD. Vendor Portal is available as an on-premise solution or as a SAAS offering.

Simplain is the leading integration service provider for Symphony GOLD Retail Management Solution. Simplain provides proven solutions to the retailers to connect their Symphony GOLD system with the rest of the systems (such as financials, POS, WMS), vendors and other 3PLs. “As the #1 third-party company specialized in GOLD integration, we are well-versed with all the common integration challenges and take on the leadership on the integration side.

By streamlining the process, the workload is evenly shared between the vendor and retailer while bringing them on the same page over the portal

In fact, we have worked with almost all retailers implementing Symphony GOLD in the U.S. and Canada,” says Elayattu.

Through its supply chain engineering services, Simplain’s team of experienced Supply Chain Engineering consultants provides retailers with a proven mechanism that enhances the ROI on Retail projects in multiple areas such as Technology Implementation, Merchandising & Supply Chain Optimization. “We look at their supply chain problems and tailor unique solutions to redesign their business processes with best practices,” says Elayattu. The Simplain team works with the client’s executive and operational teams on a day to day basis to solve their challenges.

For a decade now, the company has been ushering path-breaking solutions in the retail world. Moving ahead, Simplain Software is vesting its focus on expanding the reach of its supply chain engineering services to assist more retailers on that front. The company is also set to launch a new version of Vendor Portal with advancements. The company is also working on enhancing its original SmartShoppe, showcased during NRF 2012, application for Click & Collect and in-store shopping experience. “With the increase in online/mobile shopping, retailers are looking to make a strong online presence; we are bringing a built-in solution that will empower the retailers to compete in these times of disruption,” says Elayattu.

Simplain Software Solutions

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Sanjaye Elayattu, Founder & President

Facilitates efficient collaboration and data exchange between retailers and vendors using an easy to use common platform

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