Sitetracker: Critical Infrastructure Project Managers Need Sitetracker

Giuseppe Incitti, CEO
Critical infrastructure projects, such as building hundreds of thousands of small cells, retail storefronts, or Wi-Fi kiosks, require a new kind of solution. California-based Sitetracker built the industry-leading solution for critical infrastructure companies to manage their high-volume projects.

In 2018 alone, Sitetracker customers completed 66,000 modification, 3,600 DAS, 6,300 small cell, 54,000 maintenance, 12,000 fiber, and 6,000 tower projects. Each of these projects has hundreds of tasks and milestones, which leads to not only a data management challenge but an operational challenge as well.

Sitetracker has built a platform that enables customers to input, maintain, and report on data all in one single source of truth. Once new build projects are completed, they become part of a customer’s asset portfolio. Sitetracker is unique in enabling customers to maintain those assets in the same system, “Sitetracker is a full-lifecycle project and asset management platform for high-volume, site-based projects,” says Giuseppe Incitti, CEO at Sitetracker.

Sitetracker was built to empower everyone from the C-suite to the field to stay on the same page, all the time—not everyone works in an office. So, Sitetracker built a native mobile app. “They can do all these tasks in real time,” adds Incitti.

“The Sitetracker Platform is typically implemented and running within months,” says Incitti. The onboarding process starts with a discussion about the customer’s business, focusing on existing work processes. Sitetracker experts act as trusted advisors to customers, “We help customers understand how to use modern systems better and to leverage technology to reach operational excellence,” adds Incitti.

Sitetracker powers the successful deployment of critical infrastructure

The Sitetracker Customer Success team works closely with customers to continually evolve and enhance the platform. As a result, customers are able to become much more operationally efficient. Intersection Media, a media company and Sitetracker customer, won a bid to turn defunct telephone booths in New York City into Wi-Fi kiosks and media displays. Initially, they used spreadsheets to manage their projects and faced challenges since there was no true system of record, collaboration, or real-time data access. By choosing a modern project management platform, Sitetracker, they eliminated these issues by bringing together the disparate systems and unconnected databases into one system. “The Sitetracker Platform helped them coordinate their tasks, milestones, and projects in a dynamic environment,” says Incitti.

Sitetracker is only picking up speed. In September 2018, Sitetracker announced the addition of David George, Vice President of EMEA & APAC sales and the opening of its first global office in London, UK to expand its offerings to Europe and Asia. They also recently announced that Shannon Cunningham, a seasoned technology educator, has joined the Sitetracker team to further invest in customer success and expand their extensive education and adoption services for customers, partners, and employees. Incitti emphasizes that, “everything we do is to make our customers successful and power the successful deployment of critical infrastructure.”


Palo Alto, CA

Giuseppe Incitti, CEO

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