SMB Suite: Changing the Status Quo - A Fixed Price All-Inclusive Microsoft Platform Subscription

David L. Greer, Founder and CEO
SaaS shows no signs of decline and according to the research and advisory firm, Gartner, “Even the poorest SaaS segment is seeing a CAGR of 19.7 percent through 2019.” With this rise in the adoption of cloud, investments in hardware infrastructure for an ERP solution is dwindling away. Consequently, for unlocking the benefits of mobility, application scalability, reduced administration requirements, cost savings, and enhanced security the cloud ERP solutions are gaining traction compared to their on-premise counterparts. En route to deploy critical IT resources efficiently while maintaining their competitive edge in the marketplace, small to midsize businesses (SMBs) prefer the deployment model of best-of-the-breed technologies like MS Dynamics. “Organizations are realizing the benefits of shifting the burden of ongoing software management to a solution provider expert, without having to ‘reinvest’ in their business systems,” reveals financial and information technology professional, CPA, David L. Greer, Founder and CEO, SMB Suite. The Dallas-based firm, SMB Suite, offers a seamless migration from a legacy software system to cloud with “an all-inclusive Microsoft Dynamics cloud subscription that is easy to use and afford.”

Built on Microsoft Dynamic GP, SMB Suite’s cloud-based ERP solution caters to small and mid-size businesses to eradicate constraints of traditional expensive accounting software. SMB Financials, the core subscription cloud financial accounting solution, forecasts business operations and gathers new perspective with financial reports and graphical KPIs using SMB OneView portal. Also, it enhances the security and flexibility of data to gain a GAAP and SOC 1 Type 2 compliant platform. A part of the company’s complete “business in a box” online solution, SMB Financials can be rapidly implemented and readily integrated with the existing CRM and e-commerce system to boost productivity. Driven by Microsoft Dynamics GP, the solution allows reports and reminders to natively integrate with Microsoft Office.

SMB Financials package includes cloud access, licensing, training, upgrades on client’s schedule, implementation, and unlimited application and technical support. The easy-to-understand pricing structure of the SMB Suite’s solution wraps all of the cost into an all-inclusive monthly subscription. “Investing in our ERP solution helps customers have complete visibility and control, with no upfront costs and no scope creep for project implementations,” says Greer.

Investing in our ERP solution helps customers have complete visibility and control, with no upfront costs and no scope creep for project implementations

The company is committed to constantly deliver an unparalleled customer experience by designing their ERP solutions to meet unique challenges and needs of their clients. In case of Monitronics, one of the leading security system service providers, their system Dynamics GP was managed by on-premise ERP and not upgraded to keep pace with their rapidly growing business. The client needed a financial accounting solution to manage complex business issues and scale with their business for software updates. SMB Suite stepped in and addressed the shortcoming with their customer service and predictable monthly cloud subscription to accelerate their client’s business growth.

In another instance, SMB Suite worked closely with CompassLearning, K-12 curriculum and educational management technology solutions provider, where the client had lost access to the financial management system and business infrastructure when sold to a private equity firm. SMB Suite assisted them in meeting the project deadline through the implementation of integrated cloud-based solution with MS Dynamics GP and increased their financial management efficiencies by nearly 25 percent.

Leveraging over 20 years of experience and expertise, the company discerns itself with the capabilities to convert a CAPEX to OPEX by offering simple investment model and rapid deployment. Moving ahead, the firm will be releasing the latest version of the OneView Portal built on the Microsoft Office365 platform to enable organizations make faster, better-informed business decisions.

SMB Suite

Irving, TX

David L. Greer, Founder and CEO

Microsoft Dynamics Cloud ERP solution provider to small and medium businesses

SMB Suite