Softchoice: An Assessment-led Approach to Building Strong Hybrid IT Infrastructures

Kevin Wright, SVP Solutions and Services
With the pace of business moving faster than ever before, organizations of all sizes are looking to the cloud to provide the agile and scalable infrastructure they need to deliver results for the business. Moving an entire operation to cloud, however, cannot happen overnight. For many, it will take years. For others, it makes sense to always keep certain workloads on-premises.

This mix of public cloud, data center, and the network in between forms a hybrid IT infrastructure, and 90 percent of CIOs are currently using some form of hybrid IT to support their business.

Yet, Softchoice–a leading North American provider of IT solutions and managed services–is finding the rapid innovation in data center and cloud technology is far outpacing most IT departments’ ability to evaluate their options, set a strategy, and acquire the necessary skillsets to implement and manage an application-centric hybrid cloud architecture.

“We see many organizations stuck in a ‘perpetual-pilot mode’ as they have yet to shift significant workloads to a public cloud environment,” says Kevin Wright, Softchoice’s Senior Vice President of Solutions and Services. “Softchoice is one of only a few providers that can manage IT operations in the data center, network and cloud, as well as lead businesses through the entire hybrid IT journey from assessing their current state, designing a strategy suited to their business needs, and securely migrating their workloads to the cloud.”

Softchoice’s approach begins with point-in-time assessment service consultations called TeckChecks. In particular, Softchoice’s Data Center TechCheck is ideal for organizations that want to understand the performance of their current infrastructure components to better evaluate and plan for enhanced application delivery. The insights derived from the Data Center TechCheck provide the foundation for a transformational journey by delivering a fact-based portrait of the current state environment to aid future planning. Softchoice performed more than 500 Data Center TechChecks last year alone.

“We lead with assessments to provide our customers with a quantitative analysis of their current state coupled with our qualitative expertise,” Wright says. “Once we have the current state, we consult with them to establish their ideal future state, and develop and execute a long-term, application-focused strategy to get them there.”

We lead with assessments to provide our customers with a quantitative analysis of their current state coupled with our qualitative expertise

Once the infrastructure is in place, Softchoice offers its world-class Keystone Managed Services to ensure the business’ mission-critical applications are always available, whether they are in the data center or cloud. Keystone provides a comprehensive support strategy based on each customer’s unique business requirements, which allows their IT team to refocus their energy on innovation. Softchoice’s Keystone offerings span several major public cloud, network and data center partners, including Microsoft Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Cisco, NetApp and Dell. The entire portfolio is supported by the Keystone Technical Support Center, an on-shore, always-on team that provides monitoring, support and mentorship to customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

“Businesses should look for partners that can support all three pillars of their hybrid cloud infrastructure,” Wright says. “Whether you need help managing your public cloud, data center, or network, we can monitor all three and ensure your users have access to the apps they need, when and where they need them.”

Wright envisions services like Keystone and TechCheck assessments to play an even bigger role in Softchoice’s future as the pace of change continues to pick up speed, and the integration of new and innovative technologies grows even more complex. He also sees Softchoice developing more robust cloud-based analytics offerings to help customers enhance their business productivity and manage their IT assets more efficiently.

“We see ourselves moving up the stack,” Wright says, “helping customers with machine learning and cloud-based analytics to improve the productivity of their infrastructure, and their employees, and drive innovation.”


Toronto, Canada

Kevin Wright, SVP Solutions and Services

Softchoice is a leading North American IT solutions and managed services provider