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Warwick Chai, Global Director of Technology and Innovation, Global SAP Technology Services Practice, Dieter Schlosser, Chief Executive Officer and Daniel DaVinci, Global Vice President, Global SAP Technology Services Practice Technology migrations can be painful but organizations are always looking for ways to gain an edge. Migrating to SAP S/4HANA is helping companies to gain that competitive advantage. SAP S/4HANA helps organizations optimize business processes and unlock new business models. With the promise of easy access to real-time data, the question is not if, but how and when to migrate. However, the complexities of SAP present significant challenges to SAP S/4HANA migrations, including business justifications, implementation and ongoing management.

Over time, SAP environments increase in complexity. They become more difficult to manage through upgrades, application additions, and custom development. Organizations also often struggle with SAP contracts and non-compliance risks or expenses for unused modules and services. There may be issues with SAP license management that leave users unprepared for a license audit. With all of this, the adoption of SAP solutions, including HANA and S/4HANA or moving to the cloud, calls for a detailed business plan. For many organizations outside advisors or boutique consulting companies provide the needed resources to help plan and execute safe migrations at a reasonable price.

SoftwareONE specialists understand the complexities of SAP environments and have long experience supporting organizations with in adopting SAP technology and cloud solutions to facilitate S/4HANA transformations. As an SAP Partner, SoftwareONE is a leading global platform and services provider that understands SAP’s critical importance to businesses. SoftwareONE experts provide clients with end-to-end services that span licensing, cost optimization, and audit support. Comprehensive technology services deliver public cloud migrations, S/4HANA support, and ongoing managed services.

Outstanding Cloud-first SAP Capabilities

In October 2019, SoftwareONE acquired Melbourne-based BNW to increase resources for public cloud migrations, S/4HANA transformation, and SAP Managed Services. An SAP gold partner, with close to 20 years’ experience, and SAP recognized expertise in S/4HANA, BNW provides affordable advisory, consulting, and managed services specializing in SAP platform transformation and cloud migration. This acquisition has strengthened SoftwareONE's SAP technology capabilities with a focus on public cloud migrations, S/4HANA transformation, and continuing support.

Since the acquisition of BNW in October 2019 we have significantly enhanced our ability to provide SAP on Hyperscaler expertise to better serve our customers around the globe. SoftwareONE’s ability to holistically move entire Data Center workloads to the public cloud includes critical workloads now and a state-of-the-art managed service

The depth of BNW’s exceptional capabilities in SAP services has accelerated the SoftwareONE SAP practice to help customers across all SAP infrastructure and cloud environments. “We have quickly emerged as a leader in the SAP space by deepening our well-established partnership with BNW,” said Daniel DaVinci, Global Vice President of SAP Technology Services at SoftwareONE.

BNW has helped SoftwareONE with SAP platform transformations and migrations from on-premise to public cloud hyperscaler platforms, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). “Our proprietary SAPcertified tool, PowerConnect, enables SoftwareONE to provide analytical insights into SAP performance data across on-premise and cloud infrastructures as well as security and business process data,” said Warwick Chai, Principal and Founder of BNW. In addition, PowerConnect is the only SAP Splunk-certified tool that extracts operational business data, and security telemetry, enabling a high degree of real-time operational insight into what’s going on inside SAP systems. In parallel, SoftwareONE's PyraCloud provides a cost management middleware tool tracking across multi-cloud environments to provide visibility into cloud infrastructure spending.

SoftwareONE SAP technology services span cloudreadiness assessments, proof of concepts for SAP in the cloud, to full SAP cloud migration. Careful planning helps clients understand cloud migration strategies, requirements, and challenges. Advisory services can include remote or on-site workshop sessions where SAP experts assess each client’s infrastructure and network to evaluate cloud stability. Complete SAP cloud simulations can be conducted to demonstrate individual options. Specialists with deep SAP technology skills provide delivery support across Asia from the SoftwareONE service center in Manila that includes 24/7 SAP cloud-based managed services.
And, BNW’s service capabilities are leveraged to provide services across Australia, Asia Pacific, and the U.S. “Our distinct customer approach ensures excellence in meeting client requirements and continually verifies that projects are operating smoothly and executing well, in conjunction with support from our remote delivery center,” says DaVinci.

Over two decades, SoftwareONE has worked with more than 65,000 organizations to deliver software and cloud solutions. A large Australian energy company, for example, illustrates a great SoftwareONE customer success story. It was running on-site data centers and wanted to make a cloud move for increased agility. This client is forward thinking, and an early adopter of new technology. “We kicked off a three-month session that started with a close look at their SAP environment and roadmap. We pointed out the complexity of their systems,” said Chai. “Furthermore, SoftwareONE drew out a project costing and plan for the cloud move. The plan specified where they needed to provide funding for staff, licensing, partnerships, and outlined a business case to be submitted to company leadership. SoftwareONE helped accelerate the planning by deploying a team of six for detailed data collection and aggregation. The result was leadership and capital committee approval in less than four weeks for an eight-figure project. “Ten months later, they began exiting and shutting down the data center. We collaborated to upskill their staff while delivering the cloud project, and we continue to provide ongoing cloud support,” says Chai.

High-Quality SAP Expertise

The drivers behind SoftwareONE’s successful SAP service offering begins with a team of performance-driven and empowered professionals who deliver results that meet and exceed customer expectations. The team is a crucial resource, constantly motivated to learn and innovate, bringing the latest knowledge and skills to the practice. Tracking market requirements and trends, the team continuously updates methodologies, project deployment approaches, and hones skills that benefit clients at all stages of the SAP deployment lifecycle. Team leaders like Daniel DaVinci are SAP-focused services experts, passionate about uniting the best people and transforming technology problems into meaningful business solutions. Warwick Chai is another example of how to leverage more than two decades of SAP experience to help clients achieve their objectives. Deep SoftwareONE SAP expertise provides unrivaled consultancy and advisory services to organizations to help them maximize SAP benefits from cloud implementations.

SoftwareONE continues to grow its SAP practice with plans to rapidly expand services through significant organic recruitment. Expansion plans include added capabilities for remote shore delivery into North America as well as across Asia Pacific and Australia.


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Warwick Chai, Global Director of Technology and Innovation, Global SAP Technology Services Practice, Dieter Schlosser, Chief Executive Officer and Daniel DaVinci, Global Vice President, Global SAP Technology Services Practice

SoftwareONE is a leading global provider of end-to-end software and cloud technology solutions. With capabilities across the entire value chain, it helps companies design and implement their technology strategy, buy the right software and cloud solutions at the right price, and manage and optimize their software estate. Its offerings are connected by PyraCloud, SoftwareONE’s proprietary digital platform that provides customers with data-driven, actionable intelligence. With around 5,400 employees and sales and service delivery capabilities in 90 countries, SoftwareONE provides around 65,000 business customers with software and cloud solutions from over 7,500 publishers