Sofvie: Safeguarding Organizations with a Collaborative Intelligence Platform

Gus Minor, Chief Innovation Officer
Public and private organizations in the construction, manufacturing, and transportation arenas are always at risk of disrupting their overall workflow and efficiency due to potential on-site health hazards. Deploying a dedicated risk management system designed to enhance personnel safety has become a top priority. This need has led to the mushrooming of solution providers promising effective mitigation of on-field risks. A front runner in this growing space that offers a collaborative intelligence platform to boost on-site safety is Sofvie.

Sofvie is genuinely passionate about health and safety protocols as it comprises an entire workforce directly impacted by workplace injuries and fatalities. Originally, the platform was created to understand situational awareness and provide better insights to propel on-site work most effectively. Presently, Sofvie offers a tool that saves lives by providing guidance and information to on-site workers in the construction and mining sectors. The eponymous platform has a simple user interface (UI) built to help workers gather and report ground-level information and manage the execution of high-level decisions based on data driven insights. Sofvie empowers workers to make optima decisions in the field rather than operate on guesswork or previous experiences.

“The Sofvie platform comprises well-rounded risk management tools which include mobile applications, integrations with IoT, and wearable devices equipped with real time feedback from workers and supervisors,” says Gus Minor, chief innovation officer, Sofvie.

The valuable feedback syncs with Sofvie’s central database servers in real time to develop and implement client-specific mentoring programs for the timely enhancement of safety across multiple sites. Sofvie also has tools that enable teams to efficiently document, learn from, and adapt to safety risks while maintaining an operational continuum with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects.

Sofvie’s emphasis on client feedback to maximize the value of its platform (via timely addition of key functionalities) is also a key performance indicator (KPI).
Sofvie’s tools and safety systems are always well-molded to address prevalent customer needs; the firm updates its platform’s functionalities in real time to assist businesses with risk management problems. This ability to understand client problems and adopt agile methodologies to resolve them sets Sofvie high above its contemporaries.

A key example highlighting Sofvie’s collaborative client engagement approach is its partnership with Technica Mining. The client initially wanted to empower its supervisors by implementing a risk management platform that ensured seamless accessibility for all on-site personnel.

The Sofvie platform comprises well rounded risk management tools which include mobile applications, integrations with IoT, and wearable devices equipped with real-time feedback from workers and supervisors

To help achieve this, Sofvie deployed its risk management portfolio, which consolidated critical safety and risk information to help the mining company improve its worker-related safety measures. Since the collaboration, every employee walking through Technica’s front door receives a smartphone or a tablet, depending on their role. Through such efforts and Sofvie’s paperless approach, employees are actively involved in their organization’s health and safety framework.

Powered by its intuitive devices and adaptable customer engagement competencies, Sofvie empowers all levels of an enterprise to identify and prepare for hazards while enhancing its safety and risk management. Sofvie aims to put a significant dent in the growing number of on-site incidents and allow more workers to safely return to their families at the end of a work day.


Ontario, Canada

Gus Minor, Chief Innovation Officer

Sofvie believes that everyone deserves a safe workplace. The company delivers a web-based collaborative intelligence platform designed to enhance communication and risk management in the workplace. Sofvie also offers a mobile app to gather data in office settings, fieldwork environments, or remote locations.