Solace: Messaging as the Key to Unlocking Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Shawn McAllister, CTO
Over the last few years, businesses of all kinds have been busy shifting to the cloud, driven by efficiency, profitability, and agility advantages. Most companies today have their own IT configurations and approaches to cloud migration, where they could develop and build applications to be more responsive to customer needs, and share information in a cohesive manner. However, there are certain challenges that businesses face while adopting new cloud technologies; the biggest one being the inability to effectively manage the movement of vast amounts of data between users, applications, and connected devices while ensuring security as well as regulatory compliance.

Solace, a Canada-based firm, addresses this need by providing state-of-the-art message-oriented middleware that routes information between applications, devices, and users across both cloud and on-premises environments. The company’s unified platform enables real-time data sharing between legacy systems and modern applications running in the cloud. “Today, most messaging platforms run on fragmented architectures, whereas we provide an easily manageable messaging backbone that connects diverse IoT devices, on-premises applications, and cloud applications,” begins Shawn McAllister, CTO, Solace.

Solace’s platform, called PubSub+, lets companies distribute event-driven data between these diverse constituents using standardized protocols and open source APIs so customers can always use the best technology for each interaction and avoid getting locked-in to any technology. Another thing that makes Solace’s offering unique is that PubSub+ is available as software you can run in diverse cloud and on-premises environments, as a fully managed service that offloads all aspects of operations, and as an appliance that meets extreme messaging needs in a compact, turnkey piece of hardware.“One of the key aspects of our portfolio is that we solve the diverse connectivity problem with a single technology,” adds McAllister.

One of the biggest challenges companies face as they migrate to the cloud is ensuring security and regulatory compliance. To help with this, PubSub+ supports sophisticated authentication, authorization, and encryption features to ensure the security of client applications and information.

One of the key aspects of our portfolio is that we solve the diverse application, user and device connectivity problem with a single technology

Solace also helps ensure that companies are complying with increasingly strict regulations related to the management and movement of information by letting them see and store data about specific applications and even individual messages.

Bearing testament to Solace’s agile, robust, and efficient solutions is the success story of a capital markets client that needed to perform an end of the day risk and portfolio evaluation. Previously, the client would move all data to the cloud at the end of the trading day, perform calculations, and then provide the results. However, they couldn’t get all that done in an efficient manner and turned to Solace’s software. The client connected Solace PubSub+ to their public cloud and now continuously streams all of the data throughout the trading day so at the close of business they can run the application and deliver the outcomes immediately. “Our solution enabled them to fully utilize the elasticity provided by the cloud to present results much more quickly, which helps them manage risk across their business,” says McAllister.

Furthermore, Solace is constantly upgrading its offerings to provide effective solutions such as micro gateways that offer better connectivity to applications and more. They are also working closely with partners like Pivotal, SAP, and top clouds like Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon AWS to make it easier for customers to connect them all within a single messaging fabric. “Our mission is to deliver simple, reliable, and governable high-performance solutions that will make it easier for enterprises to carry out application development in even the most complex hybrid cloud scenarios,” concludes McAllister.


Ontario, Canada

Shawn McAllister, CTO

Solace develops hardware and software message routers that move real-time information between distributed applications, devices, and users across various networks