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Stephen Gold, CMO
In today's digital transformation, businesses acrossall industries are at the forefront of the artificialintelligence (AI) tsunami. They are seeingthe significant value AI and machine learning(ML) technologies bring to their operations.But while undergoing this necessary but tedioustransformation, a significant challenge facing allthese industries is the proliferation of data and thelack of experienced personnel to manually extractinsights. It is estimated that the global datasphere willgrow to 175 zettabytes by 2025, and the big data analyticsmarket is set to reach $103 billion by 2023. This leaves a lot ofrevenue, production, and operational excellence opportunities onthe table. For example, poor data quality costs the US economyup to $3.1 trillion yearly. With this in mind, it's not uncommonfor companies to recognize the need for AI-powered solutions,but many leaders don't know the best place to begin. As a result,they are seeking an AI partner to help them examine their existingoperations and data lakes and determine where AI and ML solutionscan quickly have the greatest impact.

Enter SparkCognition—an award-winning AI solutionsprovider.
Since its inception, the Texas-based company has been focusedon solving the most critical challenges facing industries such asenergy, manufacturing, logistics, financial services, aviation,and more. The company provides AI, ML, and natural languageprocessing solutions tailored to customers' individual needs."Infrastructure is a $100 trillion problem, and we are working onwrapping physical assets with an intelligent, AI-powered softwarefabric," says Stephen Gold, CMO, SparkCognition. "Our suite ofsolutions enables organizations to quickly capitalize on their data,providing real-time analysis, amplifying their return on investment,and redefining best practices.

"With its expertise in predicting future outcomes, optimizingprocesses, and preventing cyberattacks, SparkCognition enablesorganizations to run a more sustainable, safer, and profitablebusiness. The company uses ML-based modeling to turn structuredand unstructured data into actionable insights, offering real-timeanalysis, reporting, and alerting. "This allows our customers toprevent asset failures, identify operational inefficiencies, optimizeprices, and ensure worker safety, all while avoiding zero-daycyberattacks on essential IT and OT infrastructure," adds Gold.

Such impeccable expertise and solutions empowerSparkCognition to stand apart in the competitive landscape. Withits wide knowledge base, 120+ patents, and a remarkable researchteam led by AI stalwart Professor Bruce Porter, the company focuses on advancing the science of AI and continues tolead both commercial and experimental innovations."AI isn't just a buzzword we use to grab marketattention, it's the foundation upon which ourproducts and solutions are built," mentions Gold."We marry domain expertise and code it into ourindustry solutions, which provide an intimateunderstanding of the key challenges facing ourcustomers and how we can solve them.

Our suite of solutions enables organizations to quickly capitalize on their data, providing real-time analysis, amplifying their return on investment, and redefining best practices

"SparkCognition's expertise is best exemplifiedby its numerous industry-based success scenarios. Forinstance, stuck pipe incidents are critical and expensive problemsfacing the oil and gas industry. To address these problems,SparkCognition leveraged predictive analytics and ML to real-timesurface parameters collected from operational drilling rigs to builda baseline model of normal operations and then identify and flagrisky deviations from established norms. This technique enableddrilling operators to prevent 96% of stuck pipe events, preventingdowntime and potential equipment damages, saving operators upto $30 million each year. Within manufacturing, poor maintenancestrategies can reduce a plant's overall productive capacity by upto 20%. For a global beverage manufacturer, SparkCognitiondeveloped an AI-powered solution for insight into end-to-endproduction performance, which provides real-time transparencyinto operations at both a KPI and process level. This solution hasbeen used to reduce operating costs and improve efficiency byup to 5%. "Another example would be our AI-first approach inmonitoring efficient wind turbine power production. With over340k wind turbines operating globally and the cost of avoidableexpenses and lost energy estimated to hit $32B annually by 2023,optimal wind operations are critical. Our platform quickly andaccurately detects performance issues, automatically providescustomers a visual indication of turbine performance in the formof a power curve 'health score,' and suggests corrective action. Itallows operators to maximize energy production and ultimatelyincrease the profitability of their assets," adds Gold.

Riding high on such success scenarios, SparkCognition haswitnessed record growth in 2021 alone. The company expandedits offerings and capabilities into markets like financial services,renewable energy, and logistics by acquiring three technologybusinesses. It also opened a first-of-its-kind AI proving ground,HyperWerx –where it fosters aerial-terrestrial autonomy bybringing together the physical and digital world. "Going forward, wewill continue to bring new talents, new partners, demo capabilities,and buildings to the HyperWerx campus, along with exploring newways to bolster our offerings," concludes Gold.


Austin, TX

Stephen Gold, CMO

SparkCognition is an award-winning AI solution provider that allows organizations to run a more sustainable, safer, and profitable business by predicting future outcomes, optimizing processes, and preventing cyber-attacks. Since its inception, the Texas-based company has been focused on solving the most critical challenges facing industries such as energy, manufacturing, logistics, financial services, aviation, and more. The company provides AI, ML, and natural language processing solutions tailored to customers' individual needs. With its wide knowledge base, 120+ patents, and a remarkable research team, the company focuses on advancing the science of AI and continues to lead both commercial and experimental innovations.