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Bob Harland SVP of Global Support Services
Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on the global economy. It has pushed almost every organization to a battle-footing to sustain operations. During this period of distress, Oracle enterprise products have mitigated the ongoing uncertainty and proven their value as they help companies keep operations running as smoothly as possible.

One outcome of the current economic downturn is that businesses are more determined to strengthen their remote workforce. For this reason, many long-term Oracle customers have stepped up their consideration of an upgrade from their existing on-premise applications to the equivalent Oracle cloud products. However, the challenges of a migration are still formidable, as transitioning to the cloud suite can take more than a year and rack up significant costs, with few proven benefits.

A second outcome is a greater focus on optimizing operating expenses, even if it relates to sunk costs like software and services. Many IT departments are saddled with expensive Oracle support contracts that provide little value for their stable, reliable, and customized on-premise products. By partnering with a provider of third-party support and managed services, these organizations have managed to recover and control significant operational costs.

Enter Spinnaker Support.

Spinnaker Support offers more responsive, comprehensive, and affordable third-party support services that enhance the usability of the Oracle solution suite. “Our managed support services and consulting for Oracle products are at par with the current business needs and exceeds customer expectations,” highlights Bob Harland, the Senior Vice President of Global Support Services at Spinnaker Support. The company’s exacting standards and unparalleled expertise have earned it the trust and loyalty of more than 1,200 mid-size to Fortune 100 global organizations in 104 countries.

Spinnaker Support provides support for Oracle applications and technology in five crucial ways. The first is break/ fix, which entails resolving issues that cause an Oracle system to not work in the way intended. Clients raise these bugs or breaks to the Spinnaker Support team, and their assigned senior engineering team responds within 15 minutes (usually less than 5 minutes) to begin the resolution. Unlike at Oracle, the Spinnaker Support team covers the widest range of issues, assisting clients at the root of the problem, even for issues involving interoperability or customized code.

The second area standard to Spinnaker Support’s third-party Oracle support is general inquiry support, where the same engineers answer clients’ queries regarding the functionality of their supported Oracle products.

Spinnaker Support offers responsive, comprehensive, and affordable third-party support services that enhance the usability of the Oracle solution suite

This can include general questions about the current system or even about ideas to improve upon the client’s current tech landscape.

“The third area we cover is global tax, regulatory, and compliance or GTRC requirements,” adds Harland. Clients can be sure that by moving away from Oracle-provided that they will not lose access to all the compulsory updates to run their business applications.

A fourth critical area of coverage is security and vulnerability management. Instead of Oracle’s patch-based security model, Spinnaker Support takes a more holistic and personalized approach to identify precisely where a particular client needs to strengthen the security measures and fixes those loopholes. “We have a complete, proven seven-point security solution designed to discover, harden, and protect data and applications against potential or existing security issues,” says Harland.

The fifth and final area included standard with third-party support is technology advisory services. Clients can tap into Spinnaker Support’s extensive network and technical experience to discuss new or complex technological issues such as virtualization, cloud migration, upgrade support, and performance improvement planning.

All of this, combined with a robust offering of managed services capabilities for Oracle, positions Spinnaker Support as one of the most sought-after Oracle support providers in the global market. What further substantiates Spinnaker Supports’ reputation is its high annual customer satisfaction and five-star reviews on Gartner Peer Insights. The company has an impressive 98.7 percent overall satisfaction rate with a Net Promoter Score of 79 (average for technology companies is 35).

According to Harland, a key component behind such favourable customer reviews is the dedication and proactive approach of Spinnaker Support’s team of highly experienced Oracle engineers, developers, and analysts. “When a client calls in, they know exactly whom they’re working with. In taking the time to get to know each client’s application and technology environment, our engineers build a solid partnership that clients appreciate for the long term,” states Harland.

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Bob Harland SVP of Global Support Services

Spinnaker Support offers responsive, comprehensive, and affordable third-party support services that enhance the usability of the Oracle solution suite. Spinnaker Support provides support for Oracle solution implementation in five crucial areas. The first one is break-fix, which entails assisting clients in tackling any issue in case an Oracle system malfunction. Clients can raise concerns to the Spinnaker team, and the company would readily help them fix the issue. Spinnaker Support has the proven expertise to assist clients in overcoming any interoperability issue that they might face when using any third-party application alongside the Oracle solution suite as well