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Michael McCarthy, CEO
Of late, numerous hospitality companies, with plans to increase their market foothold, have looking for robust solutions that solve their unique challenges around booking reservations and operations. However, the quest to simplify the procedure of booking and managing operations in a hotel does not reduce the need to provide high quality guest service and other guest operations. With expertise in serving various resorts, hotels, and spas, Springer-Miller Systems provides an integrated platform and cloud-based solutions for managing operations of a hotel and simplifying the maintenance of IT infrastructure.

Springer-Miller’s SMS|Host, a fully-integrated property management system, provides a complete set of tools to deliver personalized guest services that enable the hotel staff to focus on customer satisfaction. “The platform is designed to be guest-centric and fully integrates with other hospitality systems,” says Michael McCarthy, CEO, Springer-Miller. For example, the Booking Center, a tool within SMS|Host, enables hotels to generate a single itinerary for all components of a guest’s stay, including lodging, spa reservations, golf tee times, dining reservations and other activities. This ensures an optimal experience for guests. While a spa service at a hotel or resort is meant to be relaxing for guests, booking an appointment for one often tends to have the opposite effect. Springer-Miller enables hotels and resorts to reduce the complication of spa bookings for guests while increasing revenues with its SpaSoft, a spa and activity management software. SpaSoft brings the ability to book appointments online through any device and interfaces with various systems including property management systems and back office systems. On one occasion, Marriott International needed to add an online booking channel to extend the reach for its spa customers. Springer-Miller worked with Marriott’s spa team to implement SpaSoft’s online booking functionality in a short span of time. The online booking system provided an easy-to-use interface to book spa appointments, along with the ability to customize it—enabling the client to manage thousands of appointment requests efficiently. Piloted in two spas, Marriott witnessed bookings of nearly 3,500 appointments in just thirty weeks and generated over half-a-million dollars in revenue through the online booking channel.

SMSIHOST is designed to be guest-centric and fully integrates with other hospitality management systems

“Hotel systems run largely behind the scenes with exception of guest-facing technology such as online booking. Maintaining on-premise IT infrastructure can be a challenge for any hotel,” states McCarthy. Springer-Miller relieves such clients from the burden of IT infrastructure maintenance by replacing it with Software-as-a-Service systems. The company delivers ATRIO PMS and ATRIO POS, cloud-based solutions, to manage hotels and food and beverage outlets. “ATRIO excludes the need to install and maintain hardware, and the next gen user interface enables the client to reduce employee training time,” adds McCarthy.

The firm’s ATRIO solutions reduce the total cost of ownership for hotels and boosts staff productivity. While developing the solutions, Springer-Miller’s aim was to create an intuitive interface that will make the process of training staff effortless. Springer-Miller also offers additional training in the form of webinars. “The idea behind webinars is to share the core functionality of the platform with our customers so that they can leverage it to the fullest,” says McCarthy. For example, if a business is witnessing growth, rather than switching to a new solution, the client can attend the webinars and discover new functionalities of Springer-Miller that can be utilized to avoid disrupting the existing processes.

Forging ahead, Springer-Miller is focused on extending the capabilities of its solutions for the hospitality industry. The company is also looking for ways to enhance the resilience of property management systems. “Our approach is to make sure the underlying technology and architecture will not only be supportive to our customers today, but also in the future,” concludes McCarthy.

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Michael McCarthy, CEO

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