SPS Commerce: Powering Digital Retail Supply Chains

Peter Zaballos, SVP & CMO
The retail industry is undergoing a massive transformation, and SPS Commerce is helping its customers navigate the complexities of today’s retail supply chain. A leader in cloud-based retail supply chain solutions, SPS helps more than 65,000 companies drive retail sales growth and improve consumer insight and engagement.

Peter Zaballos, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of SPS Commerce says, “The role of the store is transforming and so is the nature of shopping.” Today’s consumers are demanding a personalized and consistent experience across all shopping channels, putting pressure on retailers to provide consumers a true omnichannel retail experience. This requires retailers to unify their systems to have one view of the consumer across all channels, including brick-and-mortar and digital fulfillment. Cloud-native solutions ease the path to success by providing streamlined order fulfillment with real-time inventory visibility and accurate item information.

It also requires collaboration with supply chain providers to offer consumers broader assortments and faster delivery. SPS Commerce enhances retail supply chains to ensure retailers deliver what their consumers want, when they want it.

The company’s cloud-based offerings include Sourcing, Assortment, Analytics and Fulfillment solutions. Together, the solutions enable the supply chain to win at omnichannel retail.

Backed by the SPS retail network, SPS Commerce Sourcing enables retail businesses to find the right trading partners and products to accelerate their assortment growth.

SPS Commerce Assortment is an item management solution that engages consumers with rich product content that drives item discovery, sales and consumer satisfaction. Its Analytics solution provides retailers with intuitive dashboards that provide real-time visibility into sales and inventory, enabling them to make adjustments to their business quickly. It also allows retailers to identify trends and sales opportunities to make informed business decisions and provides data to collaborate with supplier partners to drive category performance.

SPS Commerce Fulfillment simplifies the order cycle. The solution streamlines and manages the orders, shipments, payments and returns by eliminating manual data entry and reducing the possibility of errors.

We are investing in technologies like predictive intelligence and machine learning to make our products more intelligent, so we can add value to our customers

With SPS Fulfillment, retailers and suppliers have complete visibility into their order lifecycle and can integrate it with other business systems such as ERP and warehouse management solutions.

One digital retailer SPS Commerce works with is SHOP. COM, an online-only retailer offering online comparison shopping with products from more than 2,000 merchants, including Best Buy, Gap, Macy’s and Nordstrom. A few years ago, SHOP. COM realized it was struggling to retain shoppers as it was routing consumers to the respective retailer’s website to complete the sales transaction. To promote direct customer engagement, SHOP.COM looked to SPS Commerce to build a drop-ship program so they didn’t have to carry inventory in warehouses and relied on vendors to ship merchandise in SHOP.COM-branded packaging.

SHOP.COM tapped in to the deep SPS Commerce network of drop shippers to offer merchandise in high-growth categories. SHOP.COM deployed a successful drop-ship program and developed the connections it needed to build more brand loyalty and awareness with its consumers.

In the coming years, SPS Commerce will continue to assist retailers and suppliers in managing the growing demand for digital retail operations by strengthening its solutions with automated intelligence resulting in a more efficient and delightful user experience. “We are investing in technologies like predictive intelligence and machine learning to make our products more intelligent, so we can continue to add value to our customers and help them keep pace with the ever evolving retail industry,” concludes Zaballos.

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Peter Zaballos, SVP & CMO

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