SSIDisplays: Creative and Customized Digital Signage

Robert Krause, VP of Sales
When thinking of Times Square, one visualizes the bright lights and colors of the state-of-the-art digital displays and billboards that adorn the popular commercial hub. Hoping to create a similar, long-lasting impression on customers' minds, numerous businesses seek to implement cutting-edge digital signage and display solutions. These endeavors usually involve collaborating with multiple vendors for different signage-related equipment to develop the desired end product.

Enter SSIDisplays, a trusted signage manufacturer and solution provider with a proven track record of delivering custom and turnkey digital display solutions. Its ability to design, develop, and install cutting-edge signage technology and experiential display solutions simplifies the process and cultivates meaningful, intuitive, and eye-catching customer experiences.

SSIDisplays has worked with numerous leading organizations like Yokohama, Starbucks, and Visa, creating a robust global footprint. Its one-stop shop portfolio comprises a wide range of products, including projection films, digital spheres, touch tables, touchscreen kiosks, and interactive displays. Through its complete software and hardware solutions package, it offers standard and highly customizable signage, projection mapping, and display products across the government, education, retail, telecommunications, and museum spaces.

"We take anything from a napkin sketch to a full-blown concept and transform it into intuitive products using advanced methods that meet our client's specifications," says Robert Krause, VP of sales, SSIDisplays.

SSIDisplays' flagship product is its digital sphere, which has found applications across museums in the U.S and numerous universities worldwide. Wrapping any 16:9 ratio into a perfect globe, the company’s digital spheres become great educational tools that can display highly-engaging space science, climate, and ocean-related content extracted from NASA, NOAA, and other government sources.
Through its unparalleled inventory and stocking capacities that bypass supply chain disruptions, SSIDisplays efficiently manages various product orders, ranging from individual deliveries to market-wide rollouts across numerous storefronts. At the same time, it develops specialized products with reasonable lead times to attract clients seeking impactful yet cost-effective offerings.

Over its long journey in the signage and display arena, SSIDisplays has ignited many success stories. In one instance, it helped a well-known news outlet, ABC11 in North Carolina, transform a glass window at their station into an interactive display that improved end-user experience. While devising a plan, the broadcaster realized the project’s execution would require a heavy investment to build a solution that satisfied their objectives. SSIDisplays assisted them in designing the projector and incorporated touch, projection, and anti-glare films on the glass under one roof, ensuring a cost-effective product that delivered unmatched brightness and transparency even during the day. At the end of the engagement, SSIDisplays helped the client turn their vision into a real-world projection-based interactive display without the conventional hassles.

We take anything from a napkin sketch to a full-blown concept and transform it into intuitive products using advanced methods that meet our client's specifications

Currently, its DualView line of films addresses the prevalent needs of the ultra-short throw and transparent projection arenas. Moving forward, SSIDisplays aims to expand its signage products manufacturing by investing in the latest machinery and processes. It is also improving the accessibility of its products by developing a second generation of software for its digital spheres, allowing users to interact with its solutions from any mobile device, computer, or kiosk. SSIDisplays will continue developing powerful signage products to help clients build exciting and long-standing consumer impressions with its perfect blend of creativity and state-of-the-art technology.


Rocklin, CA

Robert Krause, VP of Sales

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