StackNexus: Offering Salesforce as a One-Stop Shop

Suman Akula, Founder and CEO
When a serial entrepreneur who has a keen understanding of the ins and outs of running a business and a tech-expert with more than a decade of experience working at Salesforce, architecting and implementing robust technology products, collaborate with a common ideology, the outcome is what StackNexus showcases today. The company’s Founder and CEO, Suman Akula, and VP and Co-Founder, Nik Samajdwar, believe in the adage, “If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life." As a technology service company extremely dedicated towards the Salesforce arena, StackNexus aims for optimum utilization of Salesforce solutions to drive customer success. “We provide Salesforce as a one-stop-shop with an end-to-end implementation of all the domains that Salesforce offers,” says Akula.

Samajdwar observes that while Salesforce provides an end-to-end solution, the businesses look only to utilize a part of it and that they do not need all the bells and whistles. However, what businesses fail to understand is that the Salesforce is designed to be one-stop-shop. It can be applied not necessarily to solve one challenge or one area of practice but to be utilized across all domains including sales, marketing, project management, internal operations, and others. "We help customers realize the true value out of Salesforce and scale up the solution to handle multiple domains. Now the sky is the limit," he quips.

StackNexus serves both government as well as commercial clients. The company’s engagement with customers involves a blueprint or a discovery session, where it understands their needs, pain points and the future state of the products or processes that they anticipate. As Salesforce is a holistic product in itself, the company does not believe in going down the customization route. That being said, StackNexus rather trusts in giving the power of Salesforce into the hands of customers, enabling them to add fields, change layouts, make relevant configurations, all by themselves without the aid of the company or a third party vendor.
Nik Samajdwar, VP and Co-Founder
“When we offer Salesforce as a product, even if it is customized, the customers exactly know where the pieces lie, and we train them to change those pieces, so tomorrow if they want to tweak something, they should be able to do it on their own,” says Samajdwar.

In an instance, a healthcare provider was looking for an assessment tool for their patients. When StackNexus was called in for help, it made the customer leverage Salesforce Community Cloud where the patients can log in and give their assessments. The data then flows into the Salesforce Health Cloud where the clinicians can check the patient’s details and provide the right feedback. On the backend, StackNexus with the help of Salesforce CRM automated the workflows and processes concerning patient-physician engagements. "Essentially, leveraging out-of-box Salesforce tools and products, we were able to come up with an end-to-end solution for our clients, rather than having to build everything from scratch,” remarks Samajdwar.

Although initially focused on the sales services, platform and the core aspects of Salesforce, StackNexus has gradually grown into the Marketing Cloud, Health Cloud, Service Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Einstein Analytics, others. Also, the company is looking into a couple of radical ideas of tying in other technologies with Salesforce center. Blockchain and AI are among them. While leveraging blockchain is a long-term strategy, StackNexus is successful in integrating Alexa and Google Home with Salesforce enabling customers to feed the leads or dictate notes directly to the Salesforce platform. Samajdwar concludes by saying, “We as a company want Salesforce to grow as a product, and we are actively working with Salesforce's team to take it to new domains; that's another of our major goal."


Clifton Park, NY

Suman Akula, Founder and CEO and Nik Samajdwar, VP and Co-Founder

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