Stax: Providing actionable insights through data

Mark Bremer, Vice Chairman
Data and analytics are critically vital to business strategy and operations. Unfortunately, many companies have been built on siloed systems that are not well integrated and this challenge is frequently compounded by a history of acquisitions, resulting in differing systems and structures. As a result, C-suites lack a unified view of the customer, the market, and operating insights in useful timeframes. There is often not a “single source of truth” leading to internal disagreement on any number of issues and a lack of ongoing business insights to manage growth. Stax is effective at deploying technology and services to rapidly answer business-critical questions and utilize the process to discover and address data and structural challenges.

In one example, a leading device manufacturer faced with such challenges turned to Stax to provide a definitive solution to mitigate data challenges and put the company on a path toward greater data-driven strategy and operations. Due to growth through acquisition, the company’s ability to respond to market dynamics was hindered by data discovery, discrepancy, definition, and structure issues. As a result, management lacked alignment on the value of data and needed to become a data-driven organization. Stax was engaged to transform the client’s analytical and data management capabilities, as well as generate value through enhancing customer insight and market intelligence.

During the collaboration, Stax assessed and prioritized a set of organization-wide analytical challenges and root causes along with recommendations for improving the state of data. Stax created centralized data management to systematize immediate needs while enabling scalability for future requirements. Stax and management created a series of dashboards and tools populated with cleaned, unified, and harmonized data to provide insights across the business and their acquisitions. This allowed the management team to realize full visibility into commercial operations, enabled them to identify underserved market sectors and growth opportunities, and allowed for marketing optimization based on data-driven insights.

Stax is a global strategy consulting firm providing actionable insights to private investors and company management teams. Since its inception in 1994, the company has provided timely insights for high-stakes decision-making around growth and investment.
Stax helps management teams and investors to build data and analytics capabilities within their organizations while providing tailored solutions for private equity investors. The firm advises many of the largest and most recognizable private equity firms, PE-backed companies, investment banks, and lenders.

At the heart of Stax’s Data Analytics capability is its global strategy firm roots, creating an exceptional combination of data engineering and data science capabilities informed by business context and strategic insights. Stax helps clients identify critical questions and desired insights while nimbly deploying consulting teams to answer high-value strategy questions.

Stax combines deep strategy consulting experience with data science and infrastructure capabilities in a way that we believe is unique among strategy consulting firms

“Stax combines deep strategy consulting experience with data science and infrastructure capabilities in a way that we believe is unique among strategy consulting firms,” states Mark Bremer, Vice Chairman of Stax.

Stax effectively deploys data analytics and relevant experts capable of rapidly generating and utilizing insights to discover data, systems, and structuring inefficiencies. The company takes an agile approach to identify and create solutions that unify data and provide critical insights that management teams can easily access. This insight generation process drives engagement in C-suites to find answers and develop solutions for second and third-order questions and inspires a broader culture of data exploration and engagement.


Chicago, IL

Mark Bremer, Vice Chairman

Stax is a global management consulting firm serving corporate and private equity clients across a broad range of industries. The firm partners with clients to provide data-driven, actionable insights designed to drive growth, enhance profits, increase value, and make better investment decisions