StrategicIT Solutions: How Learning Without Tears Made a Sound Digital Presence

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Manas Das, Managing Partner
Being in the education market for more than 20 years, Learning Without Tears understands how the lack of access to proper educational resources lowers student participation and hampers the whole education process. To perfectly address this need, the company designs comprehensive programs and resources as well as makes learning easy through interactive activities or lessons.

Today, the company has built a robust digital presence with its virtual teaching platform that provides handwriting instruction with animations, digital letter formations, and more. Additionally, the company offers my LWT, a one-stop-shop with a personalized dashboard where its clients can browse and purchase Learning Without Tears’ digital offerings.

A Hurdle on the Way

Learning Without Tears is digitally sound today, but that wasn’t the case a few years back. “Four or five years ago, we started to realize that we need to be in the digital space and focused on that. We had a fairly ambitious roadmap for the digital journey and products, but it was new to our culture. Subsequently, certain cultural changes were mandatory to make our employees acclimatized to the digital environment,” says Mark Temple, PMO Director at Learning Without Tears. Then, the company started looking for a partner who could drive them toward their goal. StrategicIT Solutions—a comprehensive consulting service and cloud-based software solutions provider for strategic planning, project management office (PMO) setup, and program portfolio management—became the obvious choice, as it previously, helped Temple set up a PMO.

StrategicIT Solutions’ Approach and Solution

Engaging with Learning Without Tears, StrategicIT Solutions tried to understand their organizational needs asking certain pertinent questions. Following this, they drew a sound roadmap for the clients’ digital journey. Also, leveraging their years of experience in the project management space, StrategicIT Solutions provided advice on how to facilitate the process. “The approach that they went through was really around understanding the culture by conversing with our people and tailored recommendations accordingly instead of undertaking a cookie-cutter approach. In effect, they brought the best solution to the table, which helped us achieve our goals without breaking a sweat,” says Temple.

After gathering proper information, StrategicIT Solutions provided Learning Without Tears with their flagship ePMOLite tool—a cloud-based application for organization, product, portfolio, and project management. Previously, the client had to go through the strenuous and time-consuming task of maintaining several spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations to measure progress. With ePMOLite, StrategicIT Solutions brought everything in one place and helped the client get rid of the quandary.

What Learning Without Tears Achieved

As an outcome of the partnership, Learning Without Tears witnessed a significant change in their organizational culture and could track their progress graph seamlessly. Ultimately, they ended up building a strong digital presence. “Undertaking a holistic approach, StrategicIT Solutions helped us operate the business more efficiently and have a competitive edge in the market,” Temple comments.

Whether it’s project management, PMO setup, process engineering or KPI design, our goal is to help our clients get to the most effective and efficient business operation

Being a consultancy services and cloud-based software solutions provider for PMO setup, process engineering, and program portfolio management, StrategicIT Solutions has helped several clients like Learning Without Tears, thrive in the market. The company understands that several service providers tend to offer a standardized solution for every problem which cannot address unique business-specific needs. “At heart, we are a process-oriented company. Whether it’s project management, PMO setup, process engineering or KPI design, our goal is to help our clients get to the most effective and efficient business operation. We do that by asking the right ‘why’ questions, again and again, and then help them chose the right answer. We never claim to have the best solution in the market, but we listen to our clients attentively to understand all their needs, pain points, and organizational culture. With that, we become a part of their internal teams,” says Manas Das, Managing Partner of StrategicIT Solutions.

Along with this service model, the company has designed a cloud-based software tool, ePMOLite, for use by PMOs for Project Analytics. This software can be used alongside any spreadsheet tool that employees are habituated to operate, and additional features can be added without any extra cost burden. This tool enables senior management of the organization to have a holistic view of the progress graph. According to Das “it does not have the bells and whistles of more expensive PMO tools; but allows easy implementation and flexible configurability for a growing organization.”

Recently, ePMOLite has added functionality to support over more than 20 international currencies that help the senior executives manage project financials irrespective of their location. Also, this tool offer a robust resource management capability. “We provide an out-of-the-box resource utilization dashboard to help clients better manage resource capacity. Additionally, a resource gap dashboard offers insight into who to hire, when and for how long,” Das posits.

For the last 11 years, the company has added several clients to its list, which has honed its problem-solving skills. Moving ahead, StrategicIT Solutions has plans to have a global footprint beyond the U.S. boundary. “Without trying to put a round peg into a square hole, we drive our clients in the right direction. As a company, the yardstick of our success is our clients’ satisfaction, and our vision is to be the true partner of our clients who paves their way toward success,” concludes Das.

StrategicIT Solutions

Manas Das, Managing Partner and Mark Temple, PMO Director at Learning Without Tears

Provides comprehensive consulting services and cloud based software solutions for strategic planning, project management office (PMO) setup, balance scorecard and program portfolio management

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