Stratix Corporation: Simplifying Mobility for Business Innovations

Gina Gallo, President & CEO
The business drivers for implementing enterprise mobility requires anytime, anywhere access to information, a strong customer experience, and opportunities to create new revenue. With a plethora of mobile devices, software applications and stringent security requirements, it is a herculean task to craft an effective mobile strategy. As mobility usage among enterprises spirals up, data protection and user support becomes more complicated as well.

Stratix has simplified mobile for enterprise customers by delivering, supporting and managing the entire mobile eco-system. “In the enterprise, we provide our customers with a full suite of mobile management programs to handle equipment acquisition, deployment and support, including an asset management portal that tracks and reports on the performance status of every mobile device in real time,” says Gina Gallo, President and CEO, Stratix.

Just like any other utility, Stratix ensures that mobile is always on and available. “At our 7x24 mobile operations center, our agents are trained and certified on our customers’ technology and MDM platforms, line of business applications, and unique work environments,” adds Gina. In addition, Stratix tracks, manages, and reports on each device’s performance and expenses.

The company’s real-time web dashboard itrac360 helps customers keep up with their mobile assets by tracking devices, managing the inventory and monitoring individual usage and expenses. From procurement to provisioning, activation, support and repair, itrac360 delivers visibility into all phases of each mobile asset’s lifecycle.

In an implementation highlight, a large airline had chosen its laptop/desktop provider to handle its mobile deployment and support. However, the airline’s growing number of end-users and increased reliance on mobile prompted the provider to estimate a deployment timeline of nine to 12 months.

In the enterprise, Stratix provides a full suite of mobile management programs from acquisition, deployment and support to an asset management portal that tracks and reports on every mobile device in real time

Stratix was brought in to design an end-to-end managed mobility program including solution acquisition, deployment, 7x24 technical support, full asset visibility, and life cycle management. Stratix completed the customer’s largest mobile deployment – to almost 20,000 employees – in just over three months. The combined customer and Stratix teams equipped the field with new mobile technology, new software applications and new business processes that improved employee morale, as well as the customer satisfaction. Leveraging a proven plan, deploy, support, manage, and reporting suite of services, Stratix deployed close to 20,000 devices within weeks, compared to the customer’s original timeframe of nine to 12 months.

Stratix stands apart because of its mobile specialization, industry experience, and long term relationships with customers and business partners. In the near future, the company envisions Stratix’s itrac360-dashboard as the single worldwide view of all things mobile for clients. “We provide mobile outsourcing so that our customers can focus on transforming and growing their business, while we deliver the mobile utilities to keep the business running,” concludes Gina.

Stratix Corporation

Norcross, GA

Gina Gallo, President & CEO

Provides customers with needed expertise and resources to manage the mobile lifecycle as they purchase, plan, report, analyze and deploy mobile solutions

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