Striven: An All-In-One Approach to Business Growth

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Chris Miles, CEO
Many enterprises run their businesses in a highly fragmented way. Though all of their core management sectors work toward the same goal, they lack communication and data sharing ability between departments. While ERP software can be an ideal solution to these issues, there are few truly out-of-the-box ERPs that connect all of an organization’s divisions and centralize their data. In addition, most ERPs carry unreasonable price tags—too much for a financially sound enterprise, let alone the many SMBs that would benefit from a complete management solution.

Striven, the cloud-based ERP by Miles Technologies, helps businesses streamline communication and save valuable process time in a simple, effective, and affordable manner. “Striven doesn’t just combine all business operations, including CRM, accounting, project management, inventory, and HR. It provides an experience that allows businesses to grow without overcomplicating the ways they work. Striven is built for scalability,” says Chris Miles, the founder and CEO of Miles Technologies.

Twenty-two years after starting Miles Technologies, the IT company dedicated to helping businesses accomplish more through custom software solutions, Miles realized that his technologies were exclusive, as they were built on “one-to-one” relationship model. In 2008, Miles got the idea of developing a SAAS-based ERP system that could help businesses run better with the same level of exceptional service that has long characterized his company. “Our goal has always been to help people accomplish more at a cost that they can afford. With Striven, we created a robust, inexpensive ERP that’s built on a ‘one-to-many’ relationship model,” says Miles.

Striven’s simplicity ensures a consistent user experience across the organization: it allows users to custom-configure the software and easily import data without the help of an IT expert or consultant. Though Striven can be set up in less than 20 seconds and run by anybody with basic business knowledge, their team offers unparalleled and ongoing customer support.
In the past three years alone, Striven has a 91% customer retention rate for those the team helped implement. For Miles, providing exceptional customer service isn’t a business strategy— it’s a deeply held belief that guides him and his team.

In addition to ease-of-use and great service, Striven offers true automation to businesses. Post-deployment, Striven automatically triggers notifications or events based on user-defined rules, making communication seamless and efficient. Executives can easily monitor work across the company, while employees can complete tasks much more efficiently. The ERP software also has a built-in security feature that allows clients to choose who can view and access their data. Striven portals allow users to communicate and share information seamlessly with their customers, vendors, partners, and candidates.

Striven’s customer base spans nearly every major industry, with business sizes ranging from small to enterprise. As an example showcasing Striven’s capabilities, Miles highlights an instance where it helped a restaurant and catering group improve their reporting process and division management. The company’s accounting system lacked the data accessibility and filtering options necessary to provide concise, streamlined reporting. As a result, they could not get an accurate snapshot of their overall profits. They needed to connect their accounting and CRM with the complete visibility of an ERP system. By running a more versatile profit and loss report in Striven, they were able to generate precise financial data. Their new reporting accuracy allowed them to develop the best cost-saving strategies necessary for their business.

Though Striven supports businesses with everything from their smallest functional issues to their “big picture” data, the team always focuses on their core mission to help people work better. “The biggest reason for our success, “concludes Miles, “is that we give people their time back. Every Striven customer’s growth is supported by employees who work faster and achieve more. At every step, and through every task, Striven is right there with them.”


Lumberton, NJ

Chris Miles, CEO

For over 20 years, Miles Technologies has worked with over 8,600 organizations to help them accomplish more. They’ve listened to their challenges, from the biggest functional issues to the smallest details, and created solutions for speed, efficiency, and accuracy. They've helped make them millions of dollars and saved them thousands of hours in productivity. Striven comes from that experience