StrongMind: Raising the Bar in Online Learning

Damian Creamer, Founder & CEO
We live in a quickly evolving digital world where it is crucial for students to learn in an environment that supports rapidly advancing technology versus a static brick-and-mortar setting. StrongMind turns this need into reality by providing a rigorous, high-caliber digital curriculum that delivers engaging and relevant content through formats and mediums that resonate in today’s fast-paced online world.

“We strive to create seamless, intuitive experiences that spark a sense of wonder in students and lead them to discover and follow their passion with the confidence to succeed,” says Damian Creamer, Founder and CEO, StrongMind.

At the outset, StrongMind was an exclusive technology and curriculum partner for Primavera Online High School in Arizona. Because of this, the company has first-hand knowledge of the valuable role that teachers play and it constantly endeavors to evolve their role in the virtual learning world.

“Using technology such as AI and machine learning, we are building systems that provide teachers with actionable insights and that reduce clerical work, allowing them to spend more time interacting directly with students to provide a more personalized education,” Creamer highlights.

StrongMind partners with other leaders in the edtech space to drive improved academic outcomes while adopting interoperability standards and participating in open source projects to share learning. One example is its collaboration with ATI—a veteran in the assessment space—to deliver Galileo assessments that provide StrongMind schools with diagnostic, growth, and proficiency data that help them provide a more effective, efficient, and personalized education.

We strive to create seamless, intuitive experiences that spark a sense of wonder in students

The company’s core focus is developing education solutions that render delightful learning experiences leading to improved academic outcomes. To this end, it offers an extensive analytics solution that gives educators the actionable insights they need to solve problems and make better decisions for their school and students.

There are three aspects that make StrongMind unique in the digital education space. First is the company’s emphasis on providing ever-evolving content with multimedia elements that truly resonate with today’s students and helps prepare them for college and career in a quickly changing landscape. Secondly, it focuses on delivering seamless and intuitive applications, tools, and interfaces to create an exceptional education experience for students, teachers, and administrators alike. Finally, StrongMind is pushing to redefine the role of teachers in virtual learning by empowering them with top quality coursework, technologies, and data so they can focus on providing their students with personalized instruction and support.

With a vision to democratize education across the U.S., StrongMind is growing rapidly with 45 new digital courses launched over the past 18 months and expansion throughout the country, with an emphasis on states such as California, Texas, and Arizona.


Chandler, AZ

Damian Creamer, Founder & CEO

StrongMind provides rigorous and engaging digital curriculum for grades 6-12 and a state-of-the-art courseware platform