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Nicholas Connolly, Founder & CEO
As a fundamental community healthcare asset for central Texans, Hamilton Healthcare Systems emphasizes compassionate and community orientated care in rural Texas. To keep pace with industry changes, Hamilton Health sought a connected as well as collaborative solution that enabled their employees to efficiently serve patients. However, migrating their email infrastructure along with their file servers and document management system to the cloud was an arduous but necessary task. To execute this, Hamilton Health forged a partnership with Suitebriar, Inc.—a Google Cloud G Suite Premier Partner— which was invaluable in their transition to the cloud.

Suitebriar, Inc. is a boutique technology firm that offers the highest level of service while migrating companies to Cloud technologies. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner they take pride in providing white glove service to ensure businesses have a successful transition from their legacy systems. Suitebriar, Inc. also provides migration, change management and training, development and support, giving companies the tools they need to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

Suitebriar, Inc. specializes in Google products and strategic technology with a primary focus on acting as the service arm for G Suite and Google Cloud. They’ve helped companies of all sizes move their business to the cloud with the goal of building long term partnerships with clients.

G Suite from Google’s Suite of intelligent apps allows Hamilton Health to easily scale, support, and collaborate with its growing team to ensure that daily tasks are managed with ease, alongside securing sensitive patient information. “By utilizing G Suite, teams have the opportunity to use the tools that helped them in their personal lives such as Gmail,” states Nicholas Connolly, Founder and CEO, Suitebriar, Inc. “Google Cloud’s G Suite Enterprise gives customers a different way to work—accessing and collaborating on documents, regardless of the workplace, without having to deal with spotty VPN connections.” Organizations that adopt the G Suite Enterprise can utilize the expanded mailbox and data loss prevention capabilities as well as free themselves from the on-premises file server restrictions and potential future hardware maintenance costs.

According to Connolly, moving internal systems to the cloud can be challenging.

Google Cloud’s G Suite Enterprise gives customers a different way to work—accessing and collaborating on documents, regardless of the workplace

“If companies lack the capabilities to make the move, Suitebriar’s development team can step in to ensure a smooth and painless transition to the Google Cloud environment,” adds Connolly. Suitebriar’s dedicated team of IT professionals assists organizations in their successful journey toward transitioning from legacy systems to G Suite, by seamlessly providing change management and training tools, and back-end support, along with superior customer service.

G Suite is not the only Google technology that Suitebriar helps businesses implement. Clients can also leverage Google Sites as an upgrade to their old SharePoint environment. Google Sites’s ease of use empowers businesses to quickly build a Google Site to meet the needs of their marketing projects or other internal resource needs such as an Intranet. Since its inception, Suitebriar, Inc. has helped numerous clients across various industries including healthcare, technology, media, and food manufacturing, adopt G Suite as well as other Google Cloud Technologies, enabling them to remain a step ahead.

In one instance, Suitebriar assisted Glassdoor to successfully replace its legacy system with Google Cloud to enhance their core business, reduce IT hours and cost, and minimize risks while increasing the scalability and flexibility. Suitebriar, Inc. prides itself on its deep commitment to clients and the continued support that it provides clients at every phase of the migration to Google Cloud.

“We are excited about the future of public cloud and this comes directly from conversations with enterprise customers, who seek our assistance in evaluating and deploying Google Cloud solutions,” asserts Connolly. Forging ahead, the firm intends to engage more customers and help them enter the world of Google Cloud to escalate their productivity. “At the same time, we are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction. The increasing interest in public cloud certainly ignites Suitebriar’s growth and drive to better serve clients,” concludes Connolly.

Suitebriar, Inc

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Nicholas Connolly, Founder & CEO

Helps organizations lower total costs of ownership and provides enhanced scalability through cloud deployment services for Google Apps.

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