Syft Technologies: Enabling Detection of Virtually all Airborne Molecular Contaminants in Semiconductor Fabs

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Alexander Fala, CEO
The sterility of the fabrication environment is one of the key factors determining the fate of production batches in the semiconductor industry. Companies, to this end, are looking for a cost-efficient yet effective way to monitor for airborne contaminants across multiple fabrication processes taking place in large production facilities. Legacy technologies such as thermal desorption gas chromatography (TD-GC-MS), impingers, and optical techniques can only monitor for a specific group or class of AMCs. They also cannot identify AMCs that were not previously thought of as being problematic. This drives organizations to rely on multiple technology platforms that require expensive and time-consuming integration.

Enter Syft Technologies. The company is driving a change in the semiconductor industry—from labor and resource-intensive offline monitoring tools to online SIFTMS instruments requiring minimal handson time. SIFT-MS, a form of direct mass spectrometry to analyze volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and inorganic gases in the air with typical detection limits at parts-per-trillion levels, provides realtime trace gas analysis with the broadest range of compound detection available in semiconductor applications.

SIFT-MS utilizes the Syft compound library, which boasts over 1500 compounds and methods, to analyze each analyte’s absolute concentration. Contrast this with cheaper sensors that can only detect a single compound and require integration with other sensors to form a full test array.

SIFT-MS also provides real-time data output. Meaning, contamination events are seen as they happen. In contrast, legacy technologies like GC-MS are slow and require analysis time post-data collection. Syft instrumentation is also user-friendly, does not require prior expertise, and needs very little hands-on time.

“Our customers love being able to measure both volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and inorganic airborne molecular contaminants (AMCs) with one real-time system. The capability to consolidate contamination monitoring to a single instrument ultimately reduces customers’ cost of ownership and operating expenses,” says Alexander Fala, the CEO of Syft Technologies.
Syft is proud to have a vibrant team with a diversity of backgrounds and over 20 years of expertise in real-time mass spectrometry. This translates to being able to respond to customer challenges with innovative solutions. Syft’s team is encouraged to think holistically in order to understand the root cause of customers’ pain points. As a result, the company’s service and support teams can provide customers with indepth consultation and troubleshooting when it is required. Syft has support offices across the world, including New Zealand, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Germany, and the U.S.

Our customers love being able to measure both volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and inorganic airborne molecular contaminants (AMCs) with one realtime system

Syft always puts customers’ needs first. The company has worked alongside leaders in the semiconductor industry to develop contamination monitoring systems that meet their specific workflow requirements. The company has been able to leverage the flexibility of the deep compound library to easily construct methods that target their most problematic contaminants. Its customers are now able to see contamination events as they occur instead of retrospectively as they did with legacy technology. Syft has also innovated a mobile solution that enables contamination control teams to pinpoint significant and hazardous gas leaks before they become widespread. Its key customer accounts include Samsung and Micron.

Alongside its innovative technology, Syft offers 24/7 worldwide support and can quickly react to customers’ needs. This has turned Syft into a trusted partner for numerous industries because of its ability to overcome the most difficult application challenges.

Syft Technologies

Christchurch, New Zealand

Alexander Fala, CEO

Syft Technologies, the pioneer of SIFT MS technology, is the leading supplier of high-throughput, real-time trace gas analysis instrumentation. Continually developed and proven over 20 years in high stakes commercial environments, you can be assured of operational robustness, speed and 24/7 worldwide support.

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