Sysdig: Bringing Visibility into Containerized Environments

Loris Degioanni, Founder & CEO
For Sysdig’s Founder and CEO, Loris Degioanni, the key to successfully deploying the next generation of applications directly intersects with the move to container-based infrastructure. By developing a container-native monitoring platform, Sysdig positioned itself at the intersection of three major trends—containerization of applications, the infrastructural shift to public and private clouds, and microservices based re-architecture of software.

Containers hold huge potential in fostering agility in software development processes, but fall short when it comes to operating, monitoring, and troubleshooting services. “From a DevOps perspective, you need deep visibility across containers rather than just being aware that they exist in your environment,” highlights Degioanni.

Sysdig’s core technology, ContainerVision, gives developers visibility into what is happening inside containers without invasive instrumentation or manual tuning. “ContainerVision matches the technical design of containers to give DevOps teams complete visibility into their containerized applications and infrastructure,” says Degioanni. The platform integrates with orchestrators like Kubernetes, Mesos, and Swarm to interpret infrastructure data through the lens of the organizations’ microservices. “This approach excels at container monitoring where legacy platforms fail, and at the same time, makes monitoring applications and microservices simpler and more robust,” adds Degioanni. By instrumenting the system calls of hosts, DevOps can monitor not only containers, but also the software behavior from inside the containers as well. Sysdig’s container-native technology also provides deep insight into underlying infrastructure: hosts, filesystems, networks, and clouds all can be monitored with just a single point of instrumentation.

Sysdig’s technology resonates with customers in the public cloud as well as those who operate their own data centers. “We offer Sysdig monitoring as a cloud service and as software for clients’ private cloud,” explains Degioanni. “In both cases, we provide a robust set of analytics, dashboarding, and alerting features that save time and money by ensuring high software performance of your own software.”

Sysdig matches the technical design of containers to give DevOps teams complete visibility into containerized applications and microservices

The monitoring service can automatically create topologies of an entire environment, enabling organizations to understand communication patterns at a glance; automatically collect the correct metrics via application auto-discovery; and detect and alert on anomalies.

Monitoring systems should be flexible enough to adapt to different environments. “Our system can automatically detect when new applications are run, or existing microservices are scaled. This automates the complex process of deploying integrations in dynamic, constantly changing containerized environments,” says Degioanni.

“We work with customers closely to deploy Sysdig, tuning it to their needs, and even training users on container best practices,” adds Degioanni. “In all, we’re focused on end-to-end simplicity and productivity for our customers, and are willing to go to great lengths to ensure their happiness.” For example, Degioanni highlights a case study which involves a major telecommunications company that was building its newest service offerings using Docker and Kubernetes as key infrastructure components. Initially, the client tried to build an in-house monitoring system, but the technical challenges associated with Docker containers made this approach untenable. In response, Sysdig quickly enabled the client to build a robust monitoring plan around its microservices, with deep actionable data for the applications running inside their containers.

For the future, Sysdig is gearing to expand its footprint across the globe to better support its customer base. The company is also adding new features to assist organizations in seamlessly managing large enterprise and microservices environments.


San Francisco, CA

Loris Degioanni, Founder & CEO

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