Systancia: Reaching the Summit with the Next Generation of Application Delivery Infrastructure

Christophe Corne, CEO
Virtualization was invented more than three decades ago allowing large expensive mainframes to be easily shared among different application environments. More recently, virtualization at all levels—system, storage, and network—has become important as a way to improve system security, reliability, and availability, reduced costs, and flexibility. Today, firms want their virtualization infrastructure to benefit from the best of the latest technology, facilities, and trends to serve the users. “However, they do not want a market refereed by two actors either; on the one side, the Citrix legacy actor, which they see as frozen in time and without any ability to follow them into the future, and on the other, VMware, which unconvincingly bet everything on VDI while forgetting that the core at the heart of the matter was the applications,” says Christophe Corne, CEO, Systancia.

“We are bringing the next generation of application delivery infrastructure with Systancia—born from research related to high-performance computing, with the desire to benefit from the best technologies in virtualization field to create applications,” adds Corne. “Our mission is to provide virtualization infrastructure, with a focus on the major topic of its application, as well as methods to make it available under the best conditions and cost. For example, to lower the opening time of applications, which is a very important point for users, we developed machine learning algorithms that predict the behavior of users. This forecast allows applications to be pre-loaded and instantly opened” Systancia has established itself as one of the leading desktop and application virtualization player striving constantly to meet its users’ needs.

The company’s “AppliDis” products are based on a nodal architecture fully scaled out with micro services. This building node approach allows users to start with what they need now and add additional nodes as their needs grow to scale-out a single system. Corne adds, “Our unified virtualization solution AppliDis Fusion 5 is meeting the requirements of applications and desktop virtualization.”

Systancia provides the next generation of virtualization infrastructure, with a focus on the major topic of its application

AppliDis Fusion 5 enables employees to work remotely, from either within or outside of their organization, ensuring the portability of their applications with any device.The solution offers a single full HTML5 console and helps the daily management of application server farms, providing a greater flexibility enabling cohabitation of heterogeneous applications on desktops and making application migrations significantly easier and more cost-effective.

“For example: one of our renowned clients was facing problems since their installed solution was no longer appropriate,” elucidates Corne. “They had several server farms, managing all of their users with multiple versions of its virtualization product, but were afraid to touch any of the settings. Also they had an ROI that showed their approach was more expensive than a traditional infrastructure without virtualization.” Systancia’s response involved the ability to manage all the client’s users through a single farm, all the while ensuring the same loading time for users with a much lower ROI.

Systancia also offers AppliDis ezPrint for printing needs in a centralized environment with printer pilot virtualization functionality. “The printing part is often overlooked or considered after everything else. Like applications, it nonetheless represents one of the main uses for users,” explains Corne.

The next frontier that Systancia wants to tackle is that of application installation and maintenance. “At this time of containers and stores for mobility, it is no longer conceivable for our solutions’ integrators click “next” for hours during setup, as they did 30 years ago. This must disappear. To do this, we have a solution in the works that will be released in 2017,” concludes Corne.


Alsace, France

Christophe Corne, CEO

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