System Design Analysis (SDA): Facilitating Digital Transformation through SAP

Reza Rassuli, CEO; Eric Seanosky, Managing Partner
A significant but often overlooked part of successfull SAP implementa-tion is remaining cognizant of the latest trends and technologies. While SAP reinvents its solution portfolio constantly, keeping up with new products and updates can be daunting for many organizations—SAP ECC to S/4HANA transition is an example. In fact, companies are missing out on big opportunities by losing track of them. In this regard, organizations need a partner who can help them navigate this ever-changing landscape, allowing them to focus on their business rather than pondering over SAP products.

Providing the much needed-guidance is System Design Analysis (SDA), a system integrator organization specializing in SAP. “With a dedicated group of certified technical professionals, we support customers in their digital transformation journey through the SAP framework,” mentions Eric Seanosky, Managing Partner, SDA. With a core focus on the client’s business processes, the company essentially helps the client align the business with their technological roadmap by performing various assessments on their technical architecture. SDA helps companies with their cloud migration and enables them to transition from SAP ECC to S/4HANA. “With our services, we help our clients maximize their IT success whilst improving the company’s productivity and reducing the operating costs significantly,” mentions Reza Rassuli, CEO, SDA.

With the rising hacker threats to SAP applications, SDA has kept cybersecurity at the top of its agenda. The company augments the security of SAP products by helping clients deploy the SAP Enterprise Threat Detection solution.

The company also provides consulting services to organizations that need assistance in better managing their SAP security portfolio.

The company’s SAP-native services include two major programs: SAP Digital Transformation and SAP Security Prevention. After understanding the client’s requirements and goals, SDA recommends a specific package for them or even tailors one if needed. Custom-made packages prove to be more effective than traditional consulting as SDA can use its specific expertise to help its client in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Through our unique programs, we help our clients maximize their SAP investment whilst improving the company’s productivity and reducing the operating costs significantly

Besides, the company relies heavily on SAP grown methodology called SAP Activate and aligns with the best practices recommended by SAP. For example, they bring a package called SAP Digital Transformation Readiness, which improves the client’s SAP environment by providing a clear vision into their system’s readiness.

What sets SDA apart is the fact that they don’t sell their products without understanding whether the client is equipped with the resources to run a digital transformation program. SDA first performs an organizational assessment to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their client’s architecture and offers bespoke solutions accordingly. All these efforts are targeted toward achieving one simple and straightforward goal—making the client’s digital transformation journey as easy and seamless as possible.

SDA’s secret sauce to success is that they are a boutique consulting firm specializing in a specific niche and adopts a hands-on approach to client servicing. This has helped them win several customers, including a major railway service provider in Canada, some of the country’s largest public sector and utility companies. Going forward, the company aims to grow incrementally by expanding its workforce and clientele alongside service offerings. They also plan to expand their footprints in the cybersecurity space. “We focus on delivering exceptional value through service quality at all stages of SAP technical implementation. This is a promise we have lived by since 2003 and envision continuing to stand by it in the future,” prides Seanosky.

System Design Analysis (SDA)

Montreal,Toronto, Canada

Reza Rassuli, CEO; Eric Seanosky, Managing Partner

SDA specializes in digital transformation and security prevention with SAP®, proposing unique, tailored programs that provide customers with added value by focusing on deliverables and offer a true alternative to the traditional consulting approach

System Design Analysis (SDA)