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Joe Fernandez, C.E.O & Co- Founder
The founding of TACACS.net is a typical Silicon Valley story. A group of Security Engineers were faced with a requirement that could not be met due to the limitations of the products of that time, so they created a solution on their own. After years of self-funded development, TACACS.net 1.0 was released in 2012 and well received by users who wanted to centrally manage and secure network devices with one easy to deploy solution. "After releasing 1.0, we went from a few downloads in the first couple of months to hundreds, then thousands to tens of thousands and the rest is history," says Joe Fernandez, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of TACACS. net. “The early success and customer requests for more features led us to develop the solution into an enterprise level software product and offer annual maintenance and support.”

The enterprise level product that is available today is the culmination of years of planning, research, and development by the core team at TACACS.net. Fernandez states that TACACS.net can help organizations improve their security posture by deploying a vendor-neutral Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) server that can enable local or Active Directory users access to log into and manage network equipment securely with Single Sign-On (SSO) Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and granular access control. He explains, organizations often lack the expertise needed to deploy, and manage complex network security systems. This can leave an array of vulnerabilities throughout the network, until these problems are identified and fixed. This is where TACACS.net comes in.” Our cost effective, easy to manage, flexible solution centralizes user authentication to network devices, which vastly improves network security and simplifies administration for the clients.

TACACS.net addresses a common requirement that every enterprise organization faces. Traditional solutions have been cost-prohibitive, so customers seek other options that lead to more spending complex management, and user dissatisfaction. TACACS. net provides a simple, cost-effective solution that is flexible and administrator friendly. "Our support team is available 24/7 to provide our customers with in-depth, attentive, and timely support services when they need us. Furthermore, our robust, multi-vendor, test labs allow our support team to replicate issues and provide quick resolutions to our customers," says Fernandez.

TACACS.net has given us more AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) flexibility, within our multi-vendor environment. It has worked seamlessly with our multi-factor authentication solutions, and our team has been able to reduce management overhead and cut costs

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Director of Global Infrastructure

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TACACS.net have helped many different types of clients. For instance, a federal customer that has a network spanning multiple continents, implemented TACACS.net to access thousands of their devices in numerous different countries and to ensure network assets could be securely managed from the United States. In another case, a global energy company was able to collapse multiple authentication systems into TACACS. net, significantly reducing costs and simplifying management. Such has been the prowess that TACACS.net has garnered by delivering a solid, proven product, built over several years of research, and development.

As for the future, TACACS.net has a clear corporate vision and product roadmap. “Our goal has always been to provide a robust solution that simplifies management, reduces cost, and gives the customers peace of mind. "As innovation is top priority; we add functionality with the administrators in mind. It our job to make their lives easier," says Fernandez. "We are committed to a set of business-conservative, core values and follow a scale up, before scaling out strategy, while maintaining a lean operational infrastructure. This has kept our company above the security market fluctuations and profitable, which allows us to invest back into product innovation.”

TACACS.net, Inc

San Jose, CA

Joe Fernandez, C.E.O & Co- Founder

TACACS.net, vendor-neutral Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) server to enable local or Active Directory users access to log into and manage network equipment securely with Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and granular access control.