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Matt Wood, President & CEO The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Each step is taken with purpose and deliberation, as it defines every action. Putting that in a business context, identifying a process to see if it is or can be done better is a worthy cause in and of itself. This is the sole factor which should determine the making of a company, punctuated by the prerogatives of its founders and the journeys that they take.

For Matt Wood, founder of IT services organization, Tech Inc Solutions, it was all about finding a reliable ally, which he found in technology, something profoundly transformational, much like his own life.

"Businesses want results, and companies that understand the value of technology seek partners that can comprehend the desired outcome and drive the solution"

From point to point, taking on many roles, donning many hats, he has seen technology change and evolve, catering to businesses of all sizes and shapes, learning as much about it, as from it. Having started his career as a U.S. Air Force systems mechanic, Wood understands the value of preventive maintenance as it pertains to the conservation and increased life expectancy of assets. He has first-hand experience regarding how a properly implemented preventative maintenance program can greatly reduce equipment downtime and major service outages. The scenery changed, from the hangar to an office building, where he learned the importance of identifying and mitigating the impact of business vulnerabilities as a member of the City of Loveland Risk Management department. Soon, Wood found his true calling in offering managed services to companies that required reliable IT systems. As he observed the exponential growth of managed services, Wood set up a small operation which provided business focused IT solutions. Each day since, saw Wood’s schedule getting busier and busier with clients before he finally decided to launch Tech Inc Solutions in 2005, a company built on processes, risk mitigation, preventative maintenance, and a focus on customer needs.

Stepping Up, One Customer at a Time

“I began doing support throughout the Front Range for businesses that needed to sort out their IT-related pitfalls,” says Matt Wood. “Word of mouth grew, and at one point, I picked up a contract large enough to allow me to make the move to a full-time venture. It was in the arena of community corrections, managing IT for large commercial halfway houses.” For Wood, that was the first major opportunity, but he felt like he was already at the starting line, just waiting for the shot to take his competence to the next level, and serve businesses that needed reliable IT systems. Tech Inc Solutions has helped a diversified roster of companies and professional services firms. Their customers include architects, legal, manufacturing, medical, engineering and financial services companies, to name a few. The technology explosion over the last few years has necessitated that most businesses engage in, or at least consider managed IT services. This naturally led to an unprecedented surge of other IT services firms throughout the Denver area.

Tech Inc Solutions is in the business of creating a better IT Experience at Denver’s BEST companies. Our focus is simple, offer intelligently customized solutions that meet the current and future needs of our clients

As Tech Inc Solutions evolved, Wood met those challenges with a strong vision of service and a level of commitment that helps the company stand out amid strong competition.

There is an ever-increasing dependency on IT in nearly all workplaces. Accordingly, it is becoming more and more impossible to find business-related transactions that take place without the assistance of IT services. This reality has forced many companies to realize that a strategic IT partnership is vital to achieve success and maintain a stable environment in which to operate. While most companies still prioritize the reduction of IT noise in their business, they also realize the importance of a partner and not merely a service provider.

Need of the Hour: Results-Driven IT

At the end of the day, it all boils down to this: businesses want results, and companies that understand the value of technology seek partners that can comprehend the desired outcome and drive the solution. Historically, managed IT services companies proposed solutions based on what they had to offer rather than what the client’s need. Although many IT service providers still apply this approach, it is clearly outdated and should be put to rest. Each industry and client deserves an IT partner that understands their unique business and how they leverage technology. Is there a core set of operations still applicable to almost all businesses? Yes, but the client’s monthly IT investment merits unique considerations related to their business and how they can achieve a competitive advantage via the power of information technology. This approach is value-based and a visible differentiator for both the IT service provider and client.

The most valuable proposition that Tech Inc Solutions offers clients is an understanding that the clients’ entire life’s work often resides in the electronic assets of their business. Hands down, disaster-recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) and business continuity are vital services in demand, which the company offers. A candid conversation regarding the importance and cost of data loss can easily demonstrate that DRaaS is an investment that no company can afford to overlook. Some companies can withstand longer recovery times while others cannot. Tech Inc Solutions offers solutions that accommodate varying levels of tolerance.

Specific Solutions For Specific Requirements

Many a time, the Tech Inc Solutions team visits prospects under the management of other Denver-based IT services companies to find servers sitting atop cardboard boxes, switching equipment that is residential in nature, non-existent power management, and firewalls that are antique.
One cannot, and should not, run a multi-million-dollar business in this fashion. It is likely that the business would come to a screeching halt if this IT infrastructure fails. Tech Inc doesn’t recommend bleeding edge technology at SMBs but does acknowledge that under-investing and running a company on aging infrastructure can be equally as costly.

IT infrastructure is an area of interest for Tech Inc Solutions for all prospective clients. Better architecture and better IT service can make a lasting impression for almost all businesses. Tech Inc Solutions installs new racks, enterprise switches, cloud-based power management, enterprise firewalls, and top of line wireless access points. The company removes all the “residential-grade” equipment and starts with a clean and operational canvas, all done at the expense of Tech Inc Solutions.

“We don’t want to be all things to all businesses. We do want to empower our clients to work with minimal interruption, in a secure manner and keen eye on business continuity. Our clients are some of the VERY best businesses in Denver, and they deserve a stable, safe, and resilient manner to operate,” adds Wood.

Targeting Success: Day Zero to Ninety

Tech Inc Solutions is in the business of creating a better IT experience at Denver’s BEST companies. Our focus is simple, offer intelligently customized solutions that meet the current and future needs of our clients. IT investment starts with a conversation regarding what is essential to the business. It does not hinge on what the IT company has to offer but rather what the business requires in order to function in an efficient and operationally stable fashion. This takes place one honest conversation at a time. Collectively, the Tech Inc Solutions team identifies the single most important IT-related objective of a business, solves it, and moves to the next most important objective. This process-driven approach facilitates success at each phase of the onboarding process and usually results in a thoroughly documented, noise-free IT platform in ninety days. Tech Inc Solutions understands the seriousness of the services they deliver and the necessity of communication with their clients. This involves an in-depth understanding of the operational aspects of each business and the underlying technology.

"We do want to empower our clients to work with minimal interruption, in a secure manner and keen eye on business continuity"

Tech Inc Solutions continues to gain traction in the Colorado market. With striking success year after year, their client base is more diversified and stable than ever. They continue to generate interest from and form strategic partnerships with, some of Denver’s best companies. Tech Inc Solutions forecasts that 2019 will be more promising and rewarding than ever and that IT dependence for SMBs isn’t projected to change anytime soon with Tech Inc Solutions expected to answer the needs of great Colorado companies looking for an elevated IT experience. Their mission is clear if your business is looking for Managed IT Services in Denver or along the Colorado Front Range, Tech Inc Solutions aims to be top of the list.

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Matt Wood, President & CEO

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