Technology Coast Partners: Helping Latin American Manufacturers in their Digital Transformation Journey

Gonzalo F Nunez, Managing Partner
Manufacturers in Latin America face the same challenge that most manufacturers face globally—how to stay competitive in a global marketplace where maintaining cost, time to shipment, quality, and on-time delivery are crucial. With a mission to bridge the best of US software enterprise solutions with Latin America’s mid and large-sized businesses, Florida-based Technology Coast Partners helps manufacturers in Latin America stay ahead of their competition. “We focus on becoming the single point of contact for our customers across all enterprise software segments including their ERP, CRM, SCM, BI, EAM, CMS, HR, and eCommerce solutions that enable them with better management, customer satisfaction, and growth,” mentions Gonzalo F Nunez, the managing partner of Technology Coast Partners. The firm is mainly focused on EPICOR products and solutions and is EPICOR’s master distributor in Latin America. The mainstay of Technology Coast Partners’ offering lies in the EPICOR ERP for manufacturing and distribution vertical, which allows clients to integrate the cutting-edge technologies such as big data, mobile, data analytics.

With Nunez at the helm—a results-oriented software executive with over 25 years of experience in the enterprise software and consulting industry— Technology Coast Partners follows EPICOR signature methodology for implementation of the projects. It’s not just technology, we understand all the critical elements of success, from an operational and financial perspective as well as from the human and project management point of view. We know how to select the best tools and technologies but then we commit to making it work for the specific use cases of the customer always with the end result in mind. From the first conversation that Technology Coast Partners has with the customer, through the sales cycle to the implementation and continued support after going live, they align everything with the customers’ business objective.

Besides its plethora of product offerings, Technology Coast Partners also provides business consulting, custom software development, and managed services to its clients.
“Our value proposition and secret to success is the deep manufacturing domain knowledge and experience which transforms us into customers’ trusted advisors,” mentions Nunez. “We suggest the best-in-class practices for any implementation which makes us more of a business consultant rather than a functional one,” he continues.

We focus on becoming the single point of contact for our customers across all enterprise software segments that enable them with better management and growth

Operating out of Miami and with offices in Monterrey, Bogota, Lima, Buenos Aires, and Santiago, Technology Coast Partners is currently managing pan-regional projects for its global clients that have operations in Latin America. In an instance, the firm helped a project-based manufacturer in Mexico to streamline their production facility. The client was a thermo-converters producer for electrical plants and didn’t have any system deployed at their production facility. “We have been working with the client for many years now, and have enabled them to double their sales without adding any additional resources but only leveraging the technology,” mentions Nunez.

Another factor that differentiates Technology Coast Partners is a low risk, low-cost avenue that they provide to the software partners to grow their Latin American business. The company offers sales, marketing, and channel development support while building a customer base, ensuring high customer satisfaction for its products. “We have always offered products that complement our existing portfolio and geographic expansion in the region and will take the same path even in the future,” concludes Nunez.

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Gonzalo F Nunez, Managing Partner

Bridging the American software enterprise solutions with Latin America’s mid and large-sized businesses with a focus on manufacturing and distribution companies

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