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Abhijeet Singh, CEO & Co-Founder We have a meeting scheduled for today, could you please arrange a whiteboard or a flip chart?” This is how Abhijeet Singh, CEO and co-founder, TechSera initiates his conversation with prospective clients interested in TechSera's product offerings.

In this first meeting, Singh involves the entire spectrum of stakeholders for a given supply chain project. While most companies insist on having only the technology decision makers involved in the meeting, TechSera is committed to including the operations side of the people who will be using the supply chain technology. For Singh, the idea is simple. “If we don’t know what challenges the users face in using a particular technology, we cannot design the right solution with our products. In other words, the right solutions come from the floor.” Collecting inputs at the user level, Singh not only highlights areas where supply chain performance can be augmented but also designs the solutions for them on the whiteboard.

“Our ability to transform businesses using technology is what we bring to the table, and what differentiates us from others in the market,” says Singh. Having supply chain expertise in its DNA, TechSera is a company focused on R&D and consulting services in the supply chain ecosystem to bring solutions that are the need of the hour for the industry.

The Road to Efficient Supply Chain

Speaking about his decade-long journey in the supply chain expanse, Singh informs that he has witnessed the evolution of digital supply chain with introduction of disruptive technologies like augmented reality, predictive analysis, robotics, blockchain and many more. Further fueled by the technology revolution, digital supply chain is growing as a global brand. “Fast forward from the time we started last year, we are busy innovating technology products to meet the fastest growing supply chain demand of our times. The need for next generation, data intelligent supply chain technology products is inevitable. Innovation in supply chain technology is what we do BEST at TechSera,” highlights Singh.

"By helping the go-green initiative, we are already ahead of our competitors"

Singh brings the same energy and passion to TechSera to drive innovation at workplace in shaping the future of supply chain technology. “I’m a firm believer that no good deed goes unnoticed; the traditional supply chain engagements that I have had during my career in the supply chain industry have taught me that passion and innovation must be at the core of what TechSera does.

Now is the time for us to be innovative and make a positive disruption in the digital supply chain industry," says Singh. TechSera's understanding of current challenges in the supply chain marketplace and their swiftness in designing solutions, helps the company's innovation lab to create the products of future which not only solve the problem at hand, but also connect the dots between different facets of the supply chain landscape for an organization.

Transformation of business using technology is what we bring to the table and what differentiates us from others in the market

Final Mile delivery solution, Deliver-EZ, and smart integration platform, x.SIP are a step forward in that direction. "We have just embarked on our journey", continues Singh.

Socially Responsible Disruptive Technology

The Amazons and the Walmarts of the world have taught the global business community an important lesson: supply chain can be the real differentiating factor for a company. In this situation, Singh is empowering businesses to unlock their supply chain potential and gain a competitive advantage by leveraging people, processes, and technology innovation.

A typical supply chain implementation has to invariably deal with other business solutions, including ERP and CRM from various other vendors to access data. Most organizations use an integration tool to transmit and translate data between systems. Singh explains that these tools are not natively built to have the supply chain intelligence and the data itself is considered as the combination of zeroes and ones, mandating an additional expert to translate those data. Bringing to bear their supply chain experience and expertise, TechSera is on a mission to launch an intelligent integration platform. In this age of machine learning and artificial intelligence, TechSera’s x.SIP not only transfers data but also checks errors in the data and analyzes that through data mining techniques. The platform presents data in the form of reports through dashboards, making troubleshooting easy.

x.SIP helps tier 2 and tier 3 companies with no to low-medium IT infrastructure to improve their supply chain posture. Through x.SIP, TechSera provides a front-end portal and integrates that with eCommerce channels, allowing the customers of their clients to order products online via various marketplaces.

Singh believes that apart from an integration platform that untangles the clients’ software integration system, there is also a need for an innovative product for the final mile delivery. Driven by known socialized final mile challenges, TechSera, in partnership with Deliver-EZ, is designing an unmanned robotically run neighborhood storage hub that is accessible 24/7 and designed for the ultimate e-commerce consumers’ convenience. “The Deliver- EZ unit is not just a customer self-pick-up operation but offers multiple on-demand last mile transportation options,” Singh states. “Deliver-EZ and TechSera have put the final mile delivery controls in the hands of the ultimate consumer with our App. The ultimate consumer now dictates how and when they get their shipments, with unprecedented convenience”.
The inventive technology is designed to be carrier- and retailer agnostic so that users can order items from any retailer, through any carrier.

There is a loud buzz around the final mile delivery in the supply chain, and each solution provider has a different interpretation of it. Companies are investing heavily in R&D and innovations for drone and surface-based robotic delivery, and then there are concepts like Amazon Lockers and UPS Access Points. Singh stresses that these solutions will curtail the challenges of final mile to some extent, but there still exists drawbacks in some form in the areas such as ease of use, on demand, small box delivery, the lack of a mechanism for temperature controllability. Hitting the nail on the head, TechSera is coming up with Deliver-EZ Technology, a solution that empowers the ultimate consumers to manage their last mile logistics. Deliver-EZ creates a neighborhood, a robotically-operated logistics hub where the buildings are unmanned, and customers can control lockers with mobile phones, use any sized boxes, at any time of the day. The product also offers cold-chain capabilities within the robotics storage hubs to maintain temperatures and prevent spoilage.

Singh also noted that online retailer and ultimate consumers continue to look for environmentally friendly services. Deliver- EZ has a green packaging solution which aligns with TechSera’s tagline of being socially responsible as well as disruptive supply chain technology. The Deliver-EZ’s, EZ Green solution supports the use of reusable/recyclable cartons. The customers can request re-usable package while ordering a product and leave the EZ green package at the Deliver-EZ unit. Deliver-EZ has a distinct process designed to re-circulate the same package back to the retailer and reuse the same boxes over and over again. “By helping the go green initiative, we are already ahead of our competitors,” extols Singh.

“We have an extremely clear roadmap ahead of us both on the R&D and the consulting side,” says Singh. TechSera’s innovation lab is working passionately to launch x.SIP and Deliver-EZ Technology. For Deliver-EZ Technology, Deliver-EZ has already set up a demonstration unit in California with a robotically operated hub, a kiosk, a mobile app, and a website, where customers and leaders of organizations are invited to experience the technology and services.

On the consultation side, TechSera is striving to specialize on the execution software to help organizations design their fulfillment centers and bring in advantages of true omnichannel. TechSera’s vision of omnichannel is to have one inventory catering to all business segments—wholesale, retail, and eCommerce— with complete transparency of the inventory data throughout the delivery chain in real time. “We are trying to expand the horizon of our supply chain solutions, incorporating everything from fulfillment and execution to planning and forecasting.” The company is also foraying into process optimization to plan and optimize warehouses. “We are here to empower technology with the business knowledge that we possess,” concludes Singh.


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