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Ted Donnelly, Regional Vice President of North America
Modernizing complex workloads into a SaaS platform can be costly and time consuming. Additionally, refactoring applications onto new cloud architecture can further add to the complexity. These combined efforts mean businesses may have to pay twice to make a single move.

Clients investing in IT transformation have to manage the expense of new infrastructure to maintain existing workloads, while, at the same time, invest in cloud resources in their third and fourth platforms. These increased costs are further exacerbated as workloads expand and quickly exceed the system’s capacity, driving costs even higher as clients continue on their modernization journey.

A recent Altman Solon report found that customers will face even greater complexity around security, compliance, and IT transformation. 60 percent of IBM clients are expected to increase their spend with third-party service providers. It is no surprise that an acute skills shortage, ever-increasing security headwinds, and multi cloud investments, are driving clients to seek outside help
Tectrade, with its managed service and hybrid-cloud offering, enables clients to avoid paying twice while remaining secure. Tectrade provides the entire hybrid infrastructure in an OPEX managed service wrap. This means end-to-end security across the whole hybrid environment, while only paying for what you use. This allows clients to reduce their physical equipment spend as they gradually ramp up their cloud consumption.
Tectrade allows customers to focus on their application transformation, without the distraction of new architectures. As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, Tectrade is especially adept at managing and optimizing the performance of critical workloads on the cloud and data centers with IBM i, IBM AIX, and IBM Linux operating systems.

From monitoring and managing all the components that impact system stability to updating the hosted applications, backing up critical data, and reacting to alerts 24/7, Tectrade ensures that its clients spend their valuable time utilizing their cloud applications to drive business value, rather than managing them.

“Our cloud deployment, management and support services deliver the most cost effective, seamless, and secure solutions to the market,” says Ted Donnelly, Regional VP of North America, Tectrade. Tectrade’s unique mix of cybersecurity, application software support, and multi-cloud infrastructure expertise enables clients to modernize, move, and scale their workloads on demand, saving them from managing multiple vendors for their modernization journey.

Cloud modernization lag means businesses pay twice to move once. With Tectrade’s managed service, you pay once and stay secure

Tectrade’s competencies are evident in the case study of FNZ, a leading provider of innovative wealth management solutions. The company wanted to move its workloads to the cloud to facilitate SaaS-based services for its customers in the most cost-effective way possible. Tectrade hosted FNZ’s workloads in its highly monitored and managed cloud environment, making it easy for FNZ to configure, scale, and protect its workloads. With all of their workload administration tasks being managed 24/7 by Tectrade, FNZ was able to deliver SaaS-based services and maximized their returns.

The impact Tectrade made on this project garnered much recognition, including a nomination by IBM and the ‘Best Enterprise MSP Project’ award at the Managed Services and Hosting Summit.


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Ted Donnelly, Regional Vice President of North America

Tectrade is an IT managed services provider bringing world-class hybrid multi-cloud, data protection, and cyber recovery solutions to clients’ businesses.