TeleMate.Net Software: Entrepreneurial Journey towards Transforming Unified Communications

Steve Tabaska, CEO
With the desire to create new and unique ventures, Steve Tabaska, has consistently set his career path by taking risks. Armed with the ability to make a difference through his ideas, Tabaska has always had a vision to understand and anticipate the customer needs before they actually arise. “My curiosity of how things are made, experience on how to make them, coupled with my knowledge to bring them to market, and vision on what is needed next has always been the foundation that drives me,” begins Tabaska. With over three decades of engineering, product development and program management experience in the communications industry, Tabaska is one of the most seasoned CEOs in the industry who turned a public firm spin-off into one of the most sought after Unified Communications (UC) company— TeleMate.Net Software.

Tabaska observed how UC opened the doors to new ways of communication; from Voice, Video, Collaboration, IM/ Presence, and App Sharing. “One can think about the evolution of UC Analytics in three steps: Hindsight—reporting on the data in a historic manner, Insight—providing analysis of what’s happening currently, and Foresight—ability to predict what will happen in the future,” he explains. “All UC services are used in some part in all enterprises. There are an increasing number of enterprises that uses all UC Services—they are the thought leaders.” TeleMate.Net Software offers something truly unique in the market today allowing customers to obtain actionable information across the entire UC Stack and across any UC vendor. It doesn’t matter if the customer has Cisco’s Call Manager and Contact Center in the U.S., with Avaya in Europe, using MS Lync for internal video conferencing and WebEx for customer facing collaboration. “TeleMate.Net Software can handle it all and provide the analytics and actionable data required to manage the entire UC EcoSystem,” asserts Tabaska.

BI through Analytics

Tabaska notes that benefits from UC business intelligence can only be achieved when all communication session detail is captured and presented from a single solution. Predictive UC Analytics© is a universal analytic tool from TeleMate.Net Software that provides actionable, role-based visibility across the entire UC stack. “It is universal from the standpoint of supporting all UC manufacturers of voice, video, IM, and contact center technologies, as well as, flexible interfaces needed to address every business use-case,” he adds. Predictive UC Analytics© provides up-to-date, always-on monitoring with interactive displays including customizable dashboards, heat maps, and monitors where inclusive, exclusive, and expression based filtering enable creation of unlimited business views and alerting capabilities. TeleMate also allows setting a security profile to a manager of Predictive UC Analytics© that presents actionable data to that manager based on their role or location. For example, it’s not uncommon for someone to be assigned the role of desktop video IT Manager. In that role the company assigns the Video Conferencing systems to their security profile. Another manager may be assigned North America. Both see only their assigned views.

In the management of the UC Ecosystem, monitoring is a key factor for improving operational efficiency.

Success is knowing one could make a difference in bringing solutions to market

For example, if a customer is monitoring calls to restricted countries, an automatic notification is sent to management with relevant information including the previous calling record of the person. “This is an example of TeleMate’s monitor and alarming feature,” states Tabaska. The feature allows enterprises to monitor data and alarm the user when a threshold is reached. The alarm is an automated notification sent with relevant information that is pre-configured by the user. The solution provides the flexibility to configure different parameters like over and under thresholds, group accumulators with percentage to whole target levels. For capacity planning, the solution incorporates a Service Modeling feature providing visibility into every UC service and allows the customer to apply criteria to grade it accordingly. It provides dashboards and details for management to act instantly.

Tabaska narrates an instance showcasing TeleMate’s competency where a customer with a variety of UC services, needed a solution to understand the impact of video on the network, and clearly tracking video utilization with information to support ROI. With Predictive UC Analytics©, the different voice technologies were consolidated to single analytics platform—reducing IT workload. To incorporate the desktop video solution, the professional services team set up triggers monitoring video utilization, capacity, and overlaying network capacity with voice quality. For ROI dashboards, TeleMate’s dynamic Service Modeling interface enabled definable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to be measured highlighting how the product cycle time was reduced. “The IT resource issue was addressed by integrating multiple platforms into a single management tool and incorporating the other UC components. This freed time for the IT Staff to take on the new video service,” says Tabaska.

Secret to Successful Entrepreneur

Guiding the future entrepreneurs Tabaska explains the best part of being an entrepreneur is the great feeling one achieves by being involved in something no one else has done before. “It’s not critical that someone invented the core technology or shaped that core technology into something that customers need or brought that solution to the market,” he asserts. “The success is in knowing one could make a difference in bringing that solution to the market and the memories made in the journey from the experience.” Encouraging the new generation of entrepreneurs Tabaska asks the millennials to understand if they have what it takes to create a difference and then take the entrepreneurial leap. Tabaska goes on to say, being an entrepreneur in the high tech space begins with inventing something truly unique but it ends with bringing to the market and solving a problem for the customer. “Both are necessary to become successful. The earlier one takes that leap the earlier they will know if being an entrepreneur is their destiny,” concludes Tabaska.

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Steve Tabaska, CEO

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