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Sal Hakimi Co-founder and Faith Robinson, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy
Brands spend enormous sums of money on marketing technologies that help create and move content through workflows to target personas and evaluate campaign effectiveness. They predominantly focus on the volume and velocity of their distributed content while often tending to disregard how it is interrelated with marketing processes such as planning and campaigning. As the demand for omnichannel and personalized customer experiences rises continually, brands must now find ways to gain end-to-end global visibility into all of their content for effectively delivering personalized messages to their target customers. Set against this backdrop is Tenovos, the highly anticipated New York-based software firm. Tenovos offers a full, end-to-end solution to connect and optimize marketing technology ecosystems, providing brands with a comprehensive global view of their intellectual property (IP).

Tenovos’ cutting-edge Global Marketing Supply Chain™ (GMSC) platform enables internal teams to visualize their content at every operational level, where the content lives, track assets across all markets and channels, and obtain costs for asset production and distribution. “No other platform offers a content-focused solution that can track millions of digital assets and aggregate, visualize, and scale content across any application and process in the content ecosystem. This is critical for future-proofing and maximizing MarTech investments. With transparent control of content and data, we provide the platform where personalized content crucial in today’s experience-driven world lives,” states Faith Robinson, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at Tenovos. Developed with modern cloud technologies and best practices for continuous delivery, GMSC delivers the speed, flexibility, and scalability required to compete in today’s digital world.

Offered both as a dedicated and multi-tenant software as a service (SaaS) offering, Tenovos GMSC facilitates agile marketing by not relying on any legacy code. It allows the company to continually innovate and add new features and functionality to the platform based on clients’ requests in real time.
“Our ability to quickly tailor the platform to clients’ specific needs without having to undergo the traditional process of monthly, quarterly, or yearly software upgrades is one the greatest benefits along with speed to market and return on investment (ROI),” adds Sal Hakimi, co-founder of Tenovos. Also, the GMSC platform can be deployed substantially faster by virtue of the underlying modern cloud technologies, microservices-based architecture, and best practices of continuous delivery. While traditional software providers require six to nine months of initial deployment time, Tenovos takes can be in production in 4-6 weeks. Furthermore, the company’s web-scale technology can automatically scale to any number of users, processes, content or queries, thus enabling enterprises to seamlessly increase the flow of their rich, personal content.

Another differentiator for Tenovos is that it provides governance of marketing assets from ideation to distribution and delivers valuable insights throughout these processes to help clients improve and constantly optimize their operations. “The GMSC platform’s microservices-based architecture also allows us to deliver different user experiences to different audiences within the same organization, configured with respect to employees’ specific roles,” points Matt Corodimas, co-founder of the company.

Tenovos serves clients from various industries including consumer packaged goods (CPG), media and entertainment, retail, publishing, and financial services. The company’s project for a large beauty and cosmetics client best exemplifies the GMSC platform’s effectiveness. Tenovos helped the client complete their entire implementation process from the execution of agreements to initial product launch—that typically requires 5-12 months— within just 45 days. “From our first client in late 2018 and the next 7 clients signed up thus far to being on track to closing 20-30 new clients, we have experienced tremendous growth and demand for our platform. We are also investing heavily in establishing new partnerships and by integrating with new vendors, we are improving GMSC’s capabilities along with looking forward to expanding into EMEA and APAC markets,” concludes Hakimi.


New York, NY

Sal Hakimi Co-founder and Faith Robinson, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy and Matt Corodimas, Co-founder

Provides an enterprise SaaS Global Marketing Supply Chain (GMSC) platform that streamlines the creative value chain to deliver true content fluidity