TFS: Acing Clinical Trials

Young Shon, CIO
When a specialty pharma firm developing high-value products sought a CRO for a phase 3 global clinical trial, it got tangled in the catch-22 situation. On the one hand, for large CROs, the specialty pharma firm could have been just another client; hence the firm couldn’t expect holistic engagement with the CRO during its clinical trial. On the other hand, small CROs lacked scale, global presence, and technology to undertake trials and deliver the results at lightning speed. In TFS, a global mid-size clinical CRO, the specialty pharma firm found the right partner as the company was customer-oriented, technology driven with a significant presence in Europe and across the globe. The specialty pharma firm could gain phase 3 results sooner than expected and accelerate its drug development cycle. “Secret sauce to our success is our ability to address changing business needs and build long-lasting bonds woven by value creation and flexibility,” says Young Shon, CIO, TFS.

The Lund, Sweden-based CRO offers end-to-end services that include clinical development planning, study and onsite coordination, patient recruitment, clinical data management, biostatistics, pharmacovigilance, safety, regulatory affairs and medical writing. With expertise in clinical development and focus on performing phase 2 to phase 4 trials, TFS offers scientific and medical advice on planning a trial. The company assists in protocol design, which is a crucial part in trial planning and strategizing for meeting regulations and submission to regulatory agencies. Young further elaborates how TFS stands apart from its larger compeers by adhering to a consultative approach. While larger CROs advise on improving the protocol design, TFS questions whether the client aims to improve the protocol design. The client’s affirmative answer is met with knowledge sharing and application of deep know-how in trial management.

“With our suite of CRO services, we trump our smaller peers and cost-effectiveness allows us to race past our larger competitors. We have combined our customer intimacy and flexibility, with our full line of service, capabilities, and people,” states Young. Currently, TFS is focused on serving in therapeutic areas such as Oncology/Hematology, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Cardiovascular, Immunology/Inflammation, CNS and Endocrinology with its network of investigators and clinical sites.
TFS moves further to transform areas allied with clinical research, applies its holistic approach for transforming risk-based monitoring, a key to a successful clinical trial, to enhance the quality and safety of a study. The firm applies cutting-edge technology underpinned by machine learning and analytics to receive warnings triggered by the risks associated with the clinical study. By automating this crucial process that involves data verification and the human element, the company significantly eliminates the high cost.

TFS has also automated the repetitive and rule-based tasks associated with clinical research. As its solution can perform the repetitive tasks and mimic the human efforts, the outcome is faster clinical research. The firm fetches data and leverages it to add efficacy in the existing processes using the third party solutions.

Secret sauce to our success is our ability to address changing business needs and build long-lasting bonds woven by value creation and flexibility

TFS holds an edge over its larger competitors with its ability to connect disparate systems and facilitate data transition. As the company is not banking on a particular technology, it is agile in addressing the varying business needs of its clients with the right technology. The leadership of the company looks forward to building technology solutions and services and create success stories akin to the specialty pharma company. TFS has already set its mark in Europe and been expanding its network in the U.S. to triumph in the transatlantic market.


Lund, Sweden

Young Shon, CIO

Global mid-size clinical CRO focusing on small and mid-size life science customer