The Attivo Group, LLC: Energizing and Transforming Businesses with Process Optimization

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Len Reo, President
It’s a no brainer that taking incremental steps toward improving business processes will yield long term benefits. That’s where enterprise resource planning (ERP) proves to be of immense help. In the same context, Len Reo, President of The Attivo Group, advises organizations looking for an ERP system that “an ERP project is all about process improvement enabled by better technology. At Attivo, we are passionate about process optimization and automation for small and mid-sized businesses.”

The formidable challenge that many ERP solution providers face is to prove the significance of process improvement to the decision-makers, as well as the workforce of organizations. Nobody understands this “psychological challenge” of the required change management better than The Attivo Group. The firm noticed that many organizations that were reluctant to make changes or improve their processes entered a static stage— in terms of growth—despite having the best-in-class technologies available to them. To overcome the state of stagnation, Attivo has designed a Business Process Assessment (BPA) methodology which is an integral facet of the company’s offerings. “It starts with a BPA which reviews every functional area of the business,” mentions Reo. A project traverses through five important stages—BPA, business blueprint development, project realization, final preparation, and go-live and support—through which the company ensures visibility and accountability into an organization’s processes. This approach insures that the goals of significant cost reduction, revenue enhancements, and compliance improvement are achieved.

The Attivo Group utilizes SAP Business One in conjunction with more than 500 specialized supporting products to create a specific ERP solution tailored to each business improvement project. From finance, quality assurance, and customer management to analytics, reporting, and beyond, all business processes are integrated into a unified IT platform. Going live, however, is only a project milestone. True operational excellence is achieved through a lasting business-improvement partnership between Attivo and its customers.
Customers truly appreciate that Attivo also provides a highly secure cloud hosting service along with the implementation consulting, training, and support, giving them a single point of contact for total system support. As a developer of applications, Attivo also packages and resells certain solutions for niche requirements. For instance, they provide integration to a major credit card processing company to handle the credit card and ACH transactions.

“As a value-added reseller, we work very hard to understand the requirements of organizations we work with. We assess their business processes frequently to identify opportunities for cost reduction, revenue enhancement or compliance improvement and help them on their path to success with continuous improvement,” mentions Reo. With many compelling customer success stories under its sleeve, Attivo puts forth a new vision to business transformation. Reo cites one such instance of a manufacturer’s representative firm that reaped significant benefits after collaborating with his company. The client’s tracking methods—used to monitor commissions, customer service issues, along with many other process—were highly inefficient. After Attivo helped deploy SAP Business One, the client started transacting thousands of sales activities from different sources and calculating sales commissions automatically. They also implemented an automated system for customer service, which helped improve their frontline business services to customers. Moreover, they attained a clear view of their financial position and was able to reduce clerical labor costs significantly.

Refined over the course of 650 plus implementations, The Attivo Group’s ERP solutions hit the mark with regards to transforming an enterprise completely. After having success catering to verticals such as food processing, metals manufacturing, and medical device manufacturing, the company is actively expanding its services to other key industries that require a high degree of quality management. With a vision to transform businesses through process improvement, The Attivo Group aims to continue assisting its clients in streamlining their business by implementing top-notch software systems and bringing success through efficient processes.

The Attivo Group, LLC

Santa Ana, CA and Atlanta, GA

Len Reo, President

The Attivo Group has been assisting clients to streamline their business and implement world-class software systems for over 25 years. With its extensive domain knowledge in many manufacturing, distribution and service industries, the company helps clients energize, transform, and sustain their business processes. The Attivo Group consultants are experts in process optimization as its differentiating factor. The company is focused in the deployment of leading ERP and CRM systems. The primary ERP solution that the company works with is SAP Business One, which manages activities ranging from financial, inventory, production, quality and customer management to analytics and reporting, giving their customers the capability to operate with flexible, integrated processes to achieve operational excellence.

The Attivo Group, LLC