The Judge Group: Leveraging Cloud to Optimize Business Operations

John T. Battaglia, CTO
With emerging technology trends and advancements, the global capital market is fiercely impacted, placing security as one of its foremost concerns. “Today, many financial organizations are exhibiting a great deal of reluctance while transitioning to the cloud, citing their worries and questions about data safety and governance,” says John T. Battaglia, CTO of Judge Technology Solutions, a division of The Judge Group. “However, firms seldom realize that a cloud solution is often more secure than their own walls.” The Judge Group, a Philadelphia based firm, educates and enables CIOs and CEOs to make informed decisions while embracing the move toward the cloud to develop and change their business operations by streamlining processes. From building out a new project team to developing workforce and migrating systems to the cloud, Judge offers a wide range of professional services. “We train our people about newer technology and enable them to wear multiple hats so that we can help our clients take advantage of the latest technology trends and manage spend,” says Battaglia.

In addition to consulting, The Judge Group helps organizations find resources from different locations at lower costs. “We can find the right people for the right price at the right time to help the clients save costs,” says Battaglia. The company also enables organizations understand how to streamline resources to become faster and better by reviewing and transforming their businesses. Further, the firm analyzes the clients’ pain points, long term objectives, and helps them understand the technology which they need. For instance, the firm enabled a luxury home builder to automatically select building options while giving the home owners easy access to those options. The client partnered with The Judge Group to automate all time-consuming processes, which allowed the home owners to choose various building options based on their convenience.“The client was able to take the three month-long process down to three weeks by moving their operations to the cloud,” says Battaglia.

Firms seldom realize that a cloud solution is often more secure than their own walls

“From a timing and resource standpoint, we were able to save significant time by streamlining process, availing self service, and having home owners and vendors meet their own needs independently.”

Highlighting another case study, Battaglia says, “We facilitated migration to the cloud by shifting a dozen of the client’s applications, while making them cloud-aware, in a matter of a year.” Subsequently, this helped the client to smoothly transition thousands of applications to the cloud on their own, and to decommission many servers and increase savings worth millions of dollars. In one instance, The Judge Group also engaged in helping a client acquire companies by assisting them in reinventing their brand, exposing external presence, and transforming their processes digitally.

Amidst the present industry and market scenario, the enterprise manages to outshine their competition by leveraging its in-house talent and expertise to deliver services like staffing and consulting. The Judge Group’s strategic partnerships help the firm to keep up with the latest technology and industry trends. “We believe in investing to understand where the technology is and bring it to the clients to determine where they need it, in order to build solutions or frameworks that they can leverage,” says Battaglia.

In the next few years, The Judge Group aspires to become a billion-dollar company. “We are looking forward to the challenges ahead and enabling our clients to leverage the right technology and the right talent that is needed during this ever-evolving industry,” concludes Battaglia.

The Judge Group

Conshohocken, PA

John T. Battaglia, CTO and Brian T. Anderson, President

From building out a new project team to developing workforce and migrating systems to the cloud, The Judge Group provides a wide range of professional services

The Judge Group