The Kinetix Group: Harmonizing Technology and Healthcare

John Strapp, Co-founder & Chairman
The impact of technology in healthcare is paramount, but its implementation in a real healthcare system has often been a challenge for life science organizations. In the wake of the healthcare industry’s shift to value-based care, organizations that deploy technologies beset with complexities and without incorporating the right processes fail to derive the desired outcomes. Technology can be beneficial only if it improves the healthcare delivery model. For over two decades, The Kinetix Group (TKG) has been at the forefront of re-engineering care delivery models for value-based care and maximizing the patient experience with their innovative solutions and consultancy services.

“We are process experts and understand the best way to deploy technology that can improve care delivery for our life science partners,” says John Strapp, Co-Founder and Chairman of TKG. TKG’s focus is centered on deploying technologies in a meaningful and cost-effective way that aligns with the processes for the advancement of the care delivery system. The company’s cloud-based Insight platform addresses the granular level of execution, whereby clients can determine whether an implementation is timely and effective. “The Insight platform helps us to effectively engage with our life science clients and understand how they can better engage with their health system customers. Our emphasis is on improving the deployment of programs, tools, resources, and technologies that will deliver sustainable value to our clients,” explains Anna Thomas, Vice President of TKG.

The expert team at TKG understands the critical drivers in the evolving healthcare landscape and recognizes the importance of shared care. The emphasis is on how collaborative relationships among the various stakeholders in the healthcare continuum can improve clinical outcomes and patient experience. TKG’s prowess is in evaluating real-world evidence and designing innovative programs and models that bridge the gaps between life science companies, health systems, and payers. The specialists at TKG educate providers about care management, sharing of information, and forum management, amongst others. TKG focuses on two strategic areas: translating clinical studies along with the real-world data about drugs and devices into impactful delivery processes.

We are process experts and understand the best way to deploy technology that can improve care delivery for our life science partners.

The company has established a well-connected network with CMS over time to track and measure the intervention of improved health-care services.

TKG also improves and measures the patient experience through the most rudimentary steps of the patient journey, bringing positive changes to a patient’s life and utilizing a humanizing analytic technique and a care experience model that documents the changes. “There’s an entire gamut of patient experience services that we provide,” says Mindy Olivarez, Vice President of Innovation, TKG.

Among the numerous success stories, Anna cites building a transitional care program for a partner organization that was nominated for an award for the best marketing programmer of the industry. “We focused on improving transitions of care with components that linked directly to a patient portal and an IT service unit,” explains Anna. The program integrated data pertaining to stratification of patients to deeply evaluate specific patient attributes on a real-time basis, which enabled the care teams to make the right decisions. It also guided the life science customer to assess heart failure patients and categorize them for risk.

As a valued resource partner for life science customers, TKG’s success stems from a customer-centric work culture that is centered on innovation. The company invests a huge amount for non-funded research work in the life science and care delivery industry. Strapp says, “Twenty years in the making, it’s the culture of a high caliber team that underpins the success of our organization.”

The Kinetix Group

Broadway, NY

John Strapp, Co-founder & Chairman and Anna Thomas, Vice President and Philip Isham, Executive Consultant

The Kinetix Group empowers life science companies to effectively engage with their health system and payer customers by designing innovative solutions and value based delivery models

The Kinetix Group