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Lou Celi, Chief Executive and Founder
In recent years, cybersecurity has evolved from an information technology function into a strategic role, tasked not only with securing an organization's operations but also providing direction and insights into how it should best protect its data. However, the cybersecurity field offers limited benchmarking analysis, which hinders companies from comparing their own measures with those of comparable companies in their industries. This hampers the development of tailored business cases and makes it difficult for chief information security officers (CISOs) to highlight the need for better cybersecurity to their executive boards or senior management teams.

ThoughtLab, a thought leadership firm, bridges this gap with fresh thinking and actionable insights drawn from rigorous research and evidence-based analysis. The firm uses the latest qualitative and quantitative tools to assess the impact of technology deployments on the performance of companies, industries, and cities. Its multidisciplinary team of economists, industry specialists, and subject matter experts produce unique thought leadership to assist clients in engaging private- and public-sector decision-makers. ThoughtLab's host of services include benchmarking, performance analysis, insights through analytics, ROI monitoring, organizing executive interviews, meetings, and advisory boards, and employing analytical research tools. It fields surveys of businesses, consumers, investors, and government bodies for clients including top consulting firms like EY, Deloitte, PwC, KPMG, Accenture, Booz Allen, ServiceNow, Wipro, Intel, HCL, Meta, Visa, and Cognizant. ThoughtLab also provides reports and analysis that help CISOs better articulate their policies to senior management.

"We syndicate cybersecurity research projects by convening CISOs and industry leaders once every 18 months to conduct a major study on cybersecurity that meets their needs for usable insights," says Lou Celi, CEO at ThoughtLab. “We also conduct bespoke benchmarking analysis for individual organizations.”

Its latest study benchmarked over 1200 organizations across 14 major industries worldwide to help CISOs understand their industry trends and improve their ability to protect sensitive datasets.
Named 'Cybersecurity Solutions for a Riskier World,' the study was sponsored by Booz Allen, ServiceNow, KnowBe4, Elastic, and other leaders in the cybersecurity arena. To download the study’s results visit their website. These companies help ThoughtLab shape the direction of the research. This unique analysis enables CISOs to benchmark their cybersecurity strategies, investments and performance with their industry peers.

To ensure the value of the research to CISOs, ThoughtLab also works with an advisory committee of corporate practitioners. These cybersecurity executives provide first-hand practitioner knowledge and advice on best practices and future trends. By combining qualitative insights with quantitative analysis, ThoughtLab’s research helps to raise the art and science of cybersecurity.

We syndicate cybersecurity research projects by convening CISOs and industry leaders once every 18 months to conduct a major study on cybersecurity that meets their needs for usable insights

ThoughtLab imparts value to clients and industries through its ability to conduct surveys powered by global CISOs and cybersecurity experts, which is its key differentiator. This broad industry know-how can be attributed to its team of macroeconomists and the long-standing partnerships with seasoned specialists nurtured over its long journey in the cybersecurity arena. In addition to CISOs, ThoughtLab’s research panels include over one million executives across corporate functions, industries, and countries.

Through its comprehensive arsenal of research and analytical tools, robust benchmarking, extensive industry knowledge, and experience, ThoughtLab aims to provide actionable and valuable insights to help industries and businesses accelerate digital transformation and achieve newer heights in cybersecurity.


New York, NY

Lou Celi, Chief Executive and Founder

ThoughtLab is an innovative think tank that offers fresh ideas and evidence-based analysis to help business and government leaders understand and respond to economic, industry, and technological shifts around the world.