TikaMobile: Best-In-Class Mobile Analytics for Sales Reps: Increase Revenues while Reducing IT Cost

Manish Sharma, Founder & CEO
In the constantly evolving pharmaceutical landscape, organizations are facing increasing pressure to ‘do more with less’ due to healthcare reforms and new regulations. With the enterprise drowning in today’s rapidly growing sea of data, CIOs are looking for a solution to integrate data from various sources and empower sales representatives to focus on the most critical customers. “Our product is designed to leverage valuable data assets while reducing the burden of data mining by field repre-sentatives, resulting in better ROI for management,” says Manish Sharma, CEO and Founder of TikaMobile. “We provide sales representatives a way to quickly determine the highest priority customers, when to visit them, and the key messages they need to deliver.”

One Application – Many Solutions to Drive Productivity and Effectiveness

According to Sharma, “The advantages of our architecture are tremendous for both Sales and IT. Sales gets all the tools they need to succeed under one application and IT substantially reduces costs associated with purchasing and integrating multiple applications. Reps get advanced intelligence that will drive and protect sales while making them more productive overall.” TikaMobile offers a transformative set of tools designed to seamlessly assimilate with a sales rep’s daily workflow.

Going Beyond CRM with TikaPharma

The company’s TikaPharma application is a sophisticated analytics mobile solution that extends the value of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It provides the right customer insights at the fingertips of sales representatives through proprietary analytics accessed via the cloud. “We understand that sales representatives are not analysts, they avoid using excessive information, as it is difficult to extract value from,” adds Sharma. “We transform sales representatives into the CEOs of their territories—taking complex information and making it actionable.” The application enables representatives to stay ahead of the competition by alerting them when new lab tests or new therapies are initiated by their customers.

Pharma Sales Force Transformed- Customer Success Story

In an example showcasing the company’s expertise, TikaMobile assisted a major pharmaceutical firm that develops drugs for a broad spectrum of medical conditions with a large national sales force, helping bring those products to market.

Tika transforms sales representatives into the CEOs of their territory—empowered with the actionable insights needed to succeed at their fingertips

Representatives had to understand each customer’s prescribing habits in order to position products effectively. To accomplish this each week a Business Intelligence team provided the representatives with a spreadsheet containing the latest data for their territories. “The use of spreadsheets was becoming difficult as the file size kept increasing, making accessing and sharing time–consuming,” says Sharma. TikaMobile created a mobile BI application that representatives use to inform their discussions with doctors. With the BI app, users could compare products and browse pre-call planning reports via a graphical interface on their iPads.

TikaDevice: Mobile Analytics Platform Accelerating Medical Device Launches

The company also offers TikaDevice, a real-time analytics platform that was used in one of the most successful medical device launches in recent history. According to Sharma, “Along with fundamental medical device CRM features that reps find valuable and easy to use, our solution offers sales members the actionable insights they need to succeed. Features like forecasting, pipeline management, consignments tracking, reorders by customers - provided real time visibility to sales management allowing them to course correct and execute with precision.”

Moving forward, the company aims to become the preeminent mobile application provider for medical device and pharmaceutical sales organizations. “We envision being at the forefront of innovation and our name becoming synonymous with the best user experience available,” concludes Sharma.


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Manish Sharma, Founder & CEO

Provides cloud-based mobile and analytics sales solutions for the life sciences industry