TraceAir Technologies: Empowering the Least Tech-Savvy People with Tools and Data On Construction Sites

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Dmitry Korolev, Founder & CEO
A proper baseline survey for site inspection, topographic mapping, and adhering to compliance needs lies at the heart of every successful construction project. Over the years, construction companies have relied on certain sophisticated software tools to tap valuable insight from survey data— which required seasoned teams of engineers or on the guesses of the experienced field personnel. In effect, quick decisionmaking capabilities were mostly hampered, which triggers considerable time and capital investment for project completion. TraceAir Technologies—a construction site monitoring platform—leverages drone data to help foremen and every project member render short-term planning from the truck and make faster decisions on-site with transparency based on real-time data. “We help our clients better understand the details of the site and sharpen their quick response or decision-making capabilities,” says Dmitry Korolev, Founder, and CEO of TraceAir Technologies.

To help its clients, TraceAir Technologies undertakes a three-pronged approach. First, the company leverages drone data to create a topo by scanning a construction site. Following this, they make a comparison of the drone data with design documentation. “And then, magic happens. Combining multiple levels of information with cuttingedge machine learning algorithms, our software provides clients’ project teams a holistic view of their construction site and the data-backed insights for the best decisions to be made. This ultimately becomes the key-driver of better planning,” says Maria Khokhlova, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of the company. Apart from providing a comprehensive site understanding, TraceAir Technologies’ platform brings every member of its clients’ team on the same digital space ensuring better communication—such transparency builds trust and confidence among team members as well. Most importantly, it provides easy accessibility of information from any device and place with a single click.

By sharpening its efficiency, TraceAir Technologies has added several renowned clients to its list. For instance, The New Home Company faced problems on their Russell Ranch residential community project.
Maria Khokhlova, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer
They were concerned about the balance because of the blasting and swell that rock might generate. Partnering with this client, TraceAir Technologies provided a cost-effective solution to overcome challenges associated with balancing, ensuring a savings of almost $500,000. In a nutshell, enabling grading contractors to track the swelling and allowing them to communicate results with the developers, TraceAir Technologies helped in making the project flawless.

With such unique instances of client success, TraceAir Technologies has carved a niche in the construction space. In this context, Maria shares the story of firstgeneration GPS devices for surveyors, which failed to hit the mark due to the improper goto- market strategy. Ultimately, these devices reached the hands of grading contractors who had complex daily usage requirements and became popular. She believes that TraceAir Technologies’ solution too strikes on the needs of efficient daily decision making. This transparent and thoughtful goto- market strategy is the key reason behind the success of the company. “The backbone of such an unconventional approach is the ability to stop guesstimating and let all the project team members make the data-based decisions fast right in the field,” Maria posits. Apart from this, the company’s core engineering team whets the company’s capability of growing in tune with market needs, and Korolev’s long-standing passion for exploring new horizons propels every member of TraceAir Technologies’ team remain ever enthusiastic and dedicated.

Striding ahead, TraceAir Technologies has plans to polish its solutions to ensure a seamless experience for its clients. Also, it will expand within the U.S. market to serve a diverse clientele and hone its problem-solving skills. “Addressing the daily requirements of our clients and helping them overcome complicated situations, we have become a trusted name in the market,” concludes Korolev.

TraceAir Technologies

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Dmitry Korolev, Founder & CEO and Maria Khokhlova, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

A software solution that helps construction teams better communicate and collaborate in order to monitor, track quantities, plan and manage jobsite

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