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Robb Baldwin, President & CEO
25 years ago, Robb Baldwin began his first endeavor as an entrepreneur; serving clients as a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA). At that time, generating financial reports for clients involved painstakingly piecing together relevant information from custodians into a consolidated summary in Excel. Baldwin was determined to use technology to ease these pain points for himself, and other advisors. After talking with developers and custodians about these manual processes, he realized the only way to streamline his business would be to build them himself; so he did, and in 1998, he founded TradePMR with the intention of providing next-generation technology tools and support to independent RIAs. “Since TradePMR’s inception, our goal has been to innovate a basic, yet robust solution that empowers every investment advisor to optimize their setup and daily operations,” says Baldwin.

Over the last twenty years, TradePMR’s technology has evolved into its latest proprietary technology platform, Fusion. Fusion is a portfolio management system which allows advisors to manage their clients’ accounts efficiently and without any additional software. Fusion’s innovative features include an intelligent model builder, drift analysis, fee billing, performance reporting and a portal to transmit and track backoffice requests.

Developed by TradePMR’s in-house technology team and with user-feedback from experienced RIAs, Fusion is an all-encompassing advisor workstation which enables advisors to service their entire book of business using one solution. TradePMR also offers a newly added, web-based mobile complement to Fusion, EarnWise, which offers advisors the ability to carry out certain tasks on-the-go.

TradePMR’s technology is designed to help advisors’ bottom line by reducing overhead costs, thus improving ROI.
“By seamlessly integrating with financial planning, CRM, and portfolio management systems, we offer high-end RIAs a single platform to efficiently streamline their workflow”, highlights Baldwin.

TradePMR continues to enhance its technology offering to keep pace with the industry and the unique needs of its advisors. In 2018, TradePMR’s technology team released 31 new features into Fusion, all of which were at the request of its customers, in addition to the company’s ongoing maintenance of the system. By putting customer feedback at the center of its technology roadmap, TradePMR’s Fusion continues to evolve into a more comprehensive solution.

By seamlessly integrating with financial planning, CRM, and portfolio management systems, we offer high-end RIAs a single platform to efficiently streamline their workflow

For RIAs wanting to transition to TradePMR for its custodial services and technology, they must first pass TradePMR’s due diligence review to establish that they have the capabilities and desire to grow their business. Once an RIA is onboarded, TradePMR assigns a representative of its dedicated Advisor Services Team to assist in the transition process and to train the RIA and its staff on every aspect of TradePMR’s technology. TradePMR also prides itself on the white glove service they offer to advisors, which begins at the time of transition and continues throughout their relationship.

TradePMR News

TradePMR Launches Augmented Reality Technology for Advisor Recruitment

Gainesville, Fla - TradePMR, a technology and custodial services provider, is rolling out new augmented reality technology for advisor recruitment. The technology, which blends virtual objects with real-world settings, is intended to give financial advisors a preview of what it would be like to work with TradePMR. The first experience, an invitation to the firm's annual advisor conference Synergy 2019, was released to advisors today. Future uses include a virtual tour of TradePMR's headquarters and tech demonstrations all with built-in messages from TradePMR leadership, including exclusive content for advisors.

TradePMR's founder and CEO Robb Baldwin sees long-term value in augmented reality technology. "I expect that AR technology will soon enable our customers to engage with the newest enhancements and updates to our Fusion and Earnwise platforms through interactive experiences. The hope is that these interactions bridge the gap between the online and offline world and will allow advisors to better conceptualize how they could use TradePMR's technology solutions in their day-to-day operations."

The new technology is available to the advisor on any mobile device, after downloading an app built in-house using Unity and Vuforia as development platforms. Advisors receiving an invitation to TradePMR's annual advisor conference can scan the invitation, turning the print invitation into an interactive mobile experience including a welcome video from Baldwin.

Marketing director Jennifer Dempsey says the goal for the unique mailer isn't just to create buzz about the event. "We want to set the stage for what attendees can expect at Synergy this year," Dempsey explains. "Our conference theme is 'Innovate, Integrate, Cultivate,' so we designed an invitation that would challenge our advisors to innovate their thinking about the way they do business, including how they market themselves.


Gainesville, FL

Robb Baldwin, President & CEO

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