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Jeremy Swartz Manager
The subway is one of the most used commuting options for people in New York for decades, and it still bears significance in today’s age of connected or smart cities. However, the subway system lacks one crucial element in its underground platforms that forms the lynchpin to embracing smart cities—connectivity throughout. “There was a time when you walked underground in New York City, and you would lose all network connectivity, not even for calling in an emergency. By end of 2016, Transit Wireless along with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) changed that, marking the start of a safe, engaging experience for millions of NYCT Subway riders,” states Melinda White, the CEO of Transit Wireless.

Transit Wireless designs, builds, finances, operates, and maintains wireless communications infrastructure to connect people, bring value to communities, and advance the economies for smart cities. “Transit Wireless is a neutral host distributed antenna system (DAS) and Wi-Fi network provider. Our robust IP network allows other entities and providers to access this network, bringing seamless underground connectivity to commuters,” says Melinda. The company operates in a public-private partnership model to foster wider network connectivity without impacting the taxpayer’s money and assumes all the responsibilities to ensure that it operates or performs at the expected level. Transit Wireless aggregates anonymous data from Wi-Fi network usage to understand traffic patterns, thereby empowering the transit authority, city, businesses, or brands to address the public demands through personalized services. In addition, Transit Wireless also monetizes its network and shares a portion of the generated revenue back to the transit operator.

Piggybacking on its advanced cellular, Wi-Fi, and fiber technology solutions, Transit Wireless has secured a 27-year contract with the MTA to build and operate a multi-application high-speed communications infrastructure supporting consumer connectivity, business connectivity, transit, and public safety communications needs. Under this contract, the company implemented a high quality, highly resilient infrastructure for secure private networks, public safety communications, emergency 911, public WiFi, cellular, and broadband wireless access across the entire subway system, as per NYCT’s specifications.
“Our indepth domain expertise enabled us to roll out extensive network infrastructure in one of the world’s busiest subway systems, which also often encounters extreme environmental conditions. We have deployed over 160 miles of fiber network to provide connectivity on 282 underground platforms in the NYCT subway system,” Melinda adds. In partnership with the four major mobile carriers and NYCT Subway, this advanced network operates licensed cellular bands, public unlicensed bands, and the 4.9 GHz public safety band to deliver improved public safety, enhanced rider experience and enable wireless carriers to extend connectivity to their customers.

Our robust IP network allows other entities and providers to access this network, bringing seamless underground connectivity to commuters

Unlike many of its competitors who build the network and hand over the operation piece to other organizations, Transit Wireless serves as a valuable partner to its customers and takes care of everything—from design all the way through maintenance—to deliver a carrier grade level of operations for the Transit Authority. Alongside this, the performance-driven and highly experienced team at Transit Wireless proactively takes care of the network to drive awareness and bolster the overall experience of the end-users. Equally unique is the ardent levels of attention, responsibility, and accountability the company displays in order to ensure the safety, network and data security for its customers’ networks.

Drawing on its expertise in design, build and maintenance of secured network infrastructure in the NYCT subway, Transit Wireless continues to adopt the latest technological developments for continuous improvement of its systems and meet the growing demands of subway riders. The company also looks forward to developing and designing more innovative solutions to stay at the forefront of the network infrastructure design arena for transit operations.

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Jeremy Swartz Manager

Transit Wireless, a majority-owned BAI Communications company, is a 5G and smart cities industry leader who provides advanced cellular, Wi-Fi and fiber technology solutions. Our flagship partnership with the MTA, to design, build, finance and operate a multi-application communications infrastructure connects millions of daily riders to Wi-Fi and high-speed data. Our skilled team makes the impossible happen each day by ensuring we deliver reliable connectivity, even in the most complex environments amidst high-density traffic. We guarantee consistent, reliable communications infrastructure, no matter what the challenge